We've Been Keeping a Secret…

We've Been Keeping a Secret…

These past weeks have been so exciting and so hard at the same time. Wes and I knew that we wanted one more baby, so when I got pregnant we were over the moon! Not sharing the news with everyone was hard and I almost slipped up a few times. But, some how we kept this baby a secret longer than any of my other pregnancies. We also thought it would be fun to announce the pregnancy AND do a gender reveal at the same time!

I did the blood test at 10w5d and we got my Panorama results soon after. Then we booked a session with our photographer and she created magic as always!

We can't believe that we FINALLY get to welcome a baby girl into our tribe! Due Halloween 2019!

Photo Cred:: Roxy Meyer Photography

I want to add that Wes actually surprised ME with the gender. On his birthday I went out and got him donuts and a breakfast sandwich. It just so happened that my blood results had come back. I swung over to the OB office and (reluctantly) they gave me the results in an envelope. I handed it off to him as soon as I got home. I grabbed Cooper and off we went. I came back a few hours later to this...I was in shock to say the least and he did such an amazing job. I'm one lucky mama!

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