Weekend Shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans

Hi y'all! I can't believe this weekend went by so fast! I was awful and didn't take any pictures....I need to be better about that. I've been so busy running around, I haven't even had a chance to just sit and breathe. Here's a run down of how this weekend went.


This honestly just felt like another week day to me. My hubby was outside working on our friend's truck all day and I was stuck inside attempting to clean, work and take care of the boys. Safe to say, it was a LONG day. Not to mention, that night I had a mini breakdown about well....everything. I had a nice long bath with epsom salt, lavender essential oil and myrrh essential oil. It was much needed!


It was a little more calm on Sunday and all we did was grocery shop at Whole Foods for anything that I could eat. Which isn't much. I swear this is the most expensive diet you could ever imagine. The few things I can have seem to be the most expensive available. That's just great. I can't wait until this is over. Only 11 days left, but who's counting.

This week is going to be a busy one so pray for me!



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