Weekend Shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend seemed like it just flew by! Is it really already Monday!? We had a little adventure this weekend and it was just that...an adventure haha.

1. Pensacola, FL

My husband and my friend Chasity's husband needed uniform items, that they of course don't sell them near us. So, we decided to all make a trip to Pensacola. We didn't mind because we got to go dress shopping for the ball next month. When we first got there, our GPS took us to some random Navy Exchange. (Thanks Google Maps...) It was the weirdest experience of my life. There was no gate, anyone who fancied could just walk on in. It looked run down and like we were in another country. We decided to go in, thinking this had to be the place we were looking for. WRONG. We were walking the isles when a mentally ill woman came charging out of nowhere and shoved her hand and face into Liam's part of the stroller. I was shocked and not sure how I should respond, just said, "No no! Please don't touch him!" And when that didn't work I had to literally remove her hand and swat her from his stroller. Talk about traumatizing, poor Liam looked like he was about to burst into tears...don't blame you dude. The rest of the trip was nice! We finally found the right Navy Exchange and Chasity and I bought our ball gowns! EEEEP! I can't wait!


2. Baby Train

On Friday my friend Liv paid us a visit with her adorable (and hysterical) little boy. He's only 4 weeks older than the boys and they get along so well. Before we took this picture all three of them were wailing something terrible. As soon as I gave them puffs....silence. Ha! We had a good laugh and they had a fun time together. p.s. look at Liam's face! He's looking at Lu like "Don't you look at MY puffs!"


3. Panda

While out at the Navy exchange I started feeling a little dizzy so I made my way to the food court and just had to get myself some teriyaki chicken and beef and broccoli! YUM!


4. Lunch Time

Bentley was a little fuss monster (needed some food like mama) so we plopped some pears in front of him and he went to town! It ended up everywhere of course, but he was happy. Mama win!


5. Boys & Their Toys

On Sunday we made a little family trip and on the way home we were hungry so we pulled into Sonic. Liam was NOT having it and was screaming from the back seat. So, hubby climbs back there and brings him up to the front and he was SO happy. He absolutely loved being in the drivers seat. Like father like son!


6. Littles Can't Hang

I swear it's usually a fight to get these two to go to bed. I gave them their bottles, went to go do dishes, came back and this is what I found. Poor little guys couldn't barely finish their bottles. They were out COLD.


7. October

October is finally here y'all! I couldn't resist putting a few things up for Halloween. I absolutely love how my mantle is coming out. Now for the rest of the house mwahaha!


8. Sunday Night Cuddles

My husband and I love watching Once Upon a Time, but somewhere between babies, a PCS and life we forgot to keep up. So now, we're binge watching, from the beginning. It's become our nightly thing. Love my hubby cuddles!

p.s. Bama beat Kentucky this weekend! Woo! Roll Tide!

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