Weekend Shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans


I actually had time to make myself a REAL breakfast which never happens! It was so yummy and I ate every last bit of it. Thanks to my hubby who took care of the boys. Love him to pieces, he's my hero.

2. Brauts & Beer

We went over to a friend's house for Brauts and Beer (no beer for me) and it was so much fun. The food was pretty yummy too! We played games...it got dirty haha and I'm so glad we went. Fun fact: we have no service there and people couldn't get ahold of us. So, once I got service when we left, my phone blew up with people thinking we were dead. Oops! I felt so bad! 

3. Roll Tide

We watched the Alabama vs. USC game and it was a blast watching Bama spank USC! 52-6! Roll Tide Roll! I wish we could be there, but I'm praying that we get to go to a home game since we live so close.

4. Baby Play Date

I love love love coming over to my friend Liv's house because she has the cutest little boy only 4 weeks older than the twins. They have so much fun together and are hilarious to watch! I could sit all day and watch them interact with each other. Melts my heart!

5. Shopping Run

Hubby, the boys and I went on a shopping trip to the Air Force Exchange. We only got a few things but I was a rainy day and we had fun killing time. Well most of us...

6. Lunch

So I tried Charlie's for the first time and it was AMAZING.. I kept it healthy too. I only had a handful of french fries and my lunch was only 700 calories! Yay go me! 

7. Rainy Days

So since Hurricane Hermine came through it's been raining and overcast. We're lucky that the hurricane didn't come our way and that we just got the rainy fallout. I love days like this. Perfect cuddle days!

8. Bath Time

Since the boys can now sit up on their own, I decided to try and give them a bath in the sink. It was interesting haha. They were way more interested in the faucet than getting a bath. And Bentley kept wanting to stand up. Such a squirmy little butt.

I'm so happy that this is a long weekend and I get to keep my hubby TWO more days! Woo!

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