Week in Review

Week in Review

This week seems like it flew by and I'm so tired...I started working out and my good friend Courtney and I have been having workout "dates" at my house. I have so much fun just chatting, watching the kids play and hanging out with another mama. I also love seeing the little ones mimic us, it's so important to me to model a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention it's adorable!

The twins only had speech therapy this week since the OT's office was closed, but I'm SO proud of them! The speech therapists said they are progressing so well that they're giving them new goals. It's really amazing how much they've grown since we started in October.

Cooper is teething...so that's been fun. But besides that, he's doing great. His little personality has really taken off.

Wes and I have been watching Frankie & Grace on Netflix and it's one of my favorite shows! One of my favorite times of the day is when we put all the boys to bed while he and I cuddle on the couch, snack and watch our show. I sure am gonna miss that while he's away this week, but I'm going to try and take advantage of the alone time and do some self care this next week!

I can't believe the twins turn THREE in just a week...how did it go by so fast? I'm excited to celebrate them! Of course we're doing a Cars theme since the boys LOVE Cars!

This weekend was spent running around doing errands and getting everything ready for Wes to go. Not exactly relaxing, but that's okay! Today is spent organizing, doing laundry, cleaning and keeping the tiny humans alive. I'm actually really happy with how our little organization projects turned out. Hope everyone had a great week! I'm ready to start the new week and see what it has in store for me! Until next time...

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