Week 1 Recap of 75 Soft Challenge

Week 1 Recap of 75 Soft Challenge

In case you missed it over on Instagram, I started the 75 soft challenge this past week. There really wasn't much thought or preparation that went into it if I'm being honest. I just had this moment, while in bed and thought to myself "I need to get up and make a change." That night I stayed up, made myself a checklist/PDF, and decided to start that very next morning.

 You might be wondering, "What the heck is 75 soft?" Great question! Because a week ago I had no idea either. It's basically a less intense version of the popular 75 Hard Challenge. For 75 days, you're committing to a few set guidelines.


Here are the guidelines:

1. Drink 3-4 liters of water a day. I try not to make it easy for myself and shoot for refilling my 40z Stanley 2.5-3 times to meet my water goal. Keep in mind if you start this challenge, that you will pee ALL THE TIME in the beginning. I swear it was like I was pregnant all over again. My body is slowly getting used to the amount of water but I still pee quite a bit. 

2. Stick to a healthy diet, only drink occasionally at social gatherings. This one is a bit easier for me because I've been working on building healthy habits with my food choices for years. I'm not perfect by any means but I do my best. My philosophy is 80/20. It's all about balance. I don't want to be so focused on making the "right" decisions when it comes to food, that I miss out on life. Being so restrictive is just as dangerous to your health as eating poorly. So make smart decisions, but girl...also eat that cake!

3. Read 10 pages a day of any book. Unlike 75 hard, it doesn't have to be non-fiction or personal growth books. It can be fiction, magazines, the Bible, whatever fills your cup! I like to switch it up and read from all different categories. I'm a bookworm, so this guideline isn't difficult at all for me, in fact I look forward to it!

4. Exercise for 45 minutes a day each week, with one active recovery day. I think this is by far the most challenging part of 75 soft for me. I haven't worked out consistently in a LONG time. So jumping into working out for 45 minutes SIX days a week has been rough. I will say it's pushing me to be better though. By my rest day, but body is NEEDING it, it's something to work for and it's kept me motivated. 

I also added a few extra guidelines I want to follow or try to incorporate throughout the 75 days. 


Here's my list of extras:

1. Get 8-9 hours of restful sleep. This right here is the hardest for me out of all the things on either list. Over the last, well honestly 8 years since the twins were born, I haven't slept well and I struggle with getting to bed at a decent hour. It's something I want to work on for sure. 

2. Take a day 1 and day 75 picture. Unlike 75 hard, where you take a picture everyday, for this challenge it's only a before and after. I think taking a progress picture everyday is a bit much, and can be super detrimental to mental health if you already struggle with your body image. With that said, I'm all about a good before and after, especially after you've worked so hard for 75 days straight! I'll admit, I can't wait to see my progress once I finish!

3. Pray daily. This one can seem like a no-brainer, but I sometimes get carried away with life and forget. It's something I definitely want to work on. This 75 soft challenge is as much about a physical transformation as it is a spiritual one for me.

4. Meditate for 10+ minutes a day. This one can kinda go alone with the last one. I'll be honest I haven't sat quietly to focus on my breathing for 10 minutes since I started, but maybe this week I'll start!

5. Aim for outside time. This is another thing I need to work on. Working from home, and from my computer, along with homeschooling means I'm home A LOT. I want to incorporate more vitamin D and fresh air into my daily routine. 

6. Limit screen time when possible. I think most people these days struggle with this one. We are constantly surrounded by technology and screens, you have to be so intentional about avoiding them. For me, that looks like putting my phone down (unless I'm working from it) and making sure we limit TV time to the weekends for the kids (unless it's something educational for school during the weekday.) I've also started putting devices on airplane mode or turning them off completely when sleeping. 

7. Enjoy hobbies. This one seems obvious. But we get so caught up in adulting and work that we forget to connect with ourselves and do things WE enjoy. For no other purpose but to bring us some joy and happiness. 

8. Utilize tools such as Pranamat, chirp rollers, foam rolling, and stretching. Tools like these can be SO healing and help with recovery when you're working your body so hard. 


I would say the first week was a success! I'm so proud of myself, and I'm excited to see what this next week brings. I already feel a little stronger! 

Let me know if you want to join me! I created a PDF and you can find it here

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