Very Merry Curfman’s

Very Merry Curfman’s

Merry Christmas y'all! This year was a little different than the years past. This was the first year that we were stationed somewhere far away from our families. It was also the boys' first Christmas so you can imagine I was a bit sad we didn't get to spend it with family. Although, we did have my grandma here and it has been great having her. We are so blessed to have her here with us. She's great with the boys and they love her!

Christmas Eve we all got in our Christmas PJ's which were ADORABLE and so comfy! We watching Christmas movies and cuddled and read two Christmas books. We each opened one present and the boys LOVED eating the wrapping paper haha. Before the boys went to bed, we watched another Christmas movie, ate cookies and drank hot cocoa. It was the perfect night. We put the boys to bed and the hubby and I drove around looking at Christmas lights in our neighborhood, while grandma watched the babies. They were so pretty, and surprisingly a lot of houses down here have nativity sets. We came home, put some milk and cookies out for Santa and headed to bed!

On Christmas morning the boys woke up pretty early (they could tell it was Christmas morning haha!) We cuddled in bed before we went out to the living room. We immediately started opening presents because well, this mama was excited! They had a ball unwrapping everything + how did these boys get spoiled this year! Santa sure was good to them (and us)! After we opened all out gifts, we ate breakfast + started cleaning up.

For Christmas dinner I made a roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and apple cobbler for dessert. Since it was just us, there was no point in making a big dinner, but mmmm it was good!

I sat in bed that night thinking about how blessed we are! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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