Twins Turn T H R E E

Twins Turn T H R E E

I think every mama has the same thoughts. "How in the world did three years go by already?" It's cliché, but when they say it flies by, it really does. I can't help but reminisce about the day they were born. It was chaotic and a whirlwind, and to be honest a little fuzzy. Okay, the whole first year was a little fuzzy.

But here we are having their third birthday party. It's crazy to see how much they've changed in just a year. I'm so proud of them and love to watch them grow and learn new things everyday. We decided to have a small little party, mostly just family and close friends. We went with a Cars theme since they love the movies. We went all out for their cake and my SUPER talented friend Allison from Sweet Revenge Bakery made their awesome cake!

Here are some updates on how they're doing:


     My sweet boy. He's doing so well in speech and OT therapy. We are still working on the food sensitivity that he has, but he's made some progress. He loves books, Super Wings and cereal. He also loves to cuddle with mama. He's a great big brother and is my little helper! He loves to help me cook and is my little perfectionist guy. Takes right after his Mama! He's got a major sweet tooth just like his Daddy. I love watching his brain work and I can't wait to see how he grows. He's silly and a ball of fun and makes us smile everyday.


     Oh Bentley, my strong willed child. He's such a social butterfly and is thriving in speech therapy. He starts OT this week and I'm excited to see his progress. He's so smart and gets overwhelmed easily which leads to his nuclear meltdowns. I'm hoping OT therapy helps him learn to navigate his emotions. He LOVES his cereal and would eat it for every meal (and sometimes does). He is such a lovey big brother, always giving his baby brother kisses and hugs and trying to make him smile when he cries. He's goofy and silly, such a light in our lives.

Here's to another year of giggles and adventures, we love you so much!

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