Twins Birth Story: Welcome Liam + Bentley

Twins Birth Story: Welcome Liam + Bentley

I remember waking up super early in the morning on the 9th because I was full of emotions. It was our induction day and I was nervous, excited and scared all at the same time. I knew that within a few days I would be meeting my sweet babies. Our original induction time was at 8:00 am, but I got a call the night before saying they had pushed it back and to call back to find out when. Well, when I called back they told me to come in around noon. 11:00 am rolls around and I call to make sure everything is good to go. They pushed the time back....again! This time we were told to come in at 2:00 pm. Talk about being anxious! I just wanted to start the process and get it over with. So, the rest of the morning was spent cleaning up, doing last minute things and waiting around trying to kill time.

We got to the hospital around 1:40 pm and it was such a surreal feeling. I knew that I wouldn't leave there without my babies. I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we were having TWO! Not one, but TWO babies!

We had already pre-registered so we went straight to our room. They put me in the room right across from the OR, because that's where I was going to deliver regardless if I did vaginal or C-Section. (Thanks to being a high risk pregnancy).

I changed into my hospital gown and they did vitals. Then came the IV placement. This took forever! The corpsman who was working with me had no idea what he was doing, which is why I was stuck four times before getting one in my wrist. OUCH! Once I was settled in bed and hooked up to the IV fluids and monitors the actual induction started.

After checking me to see how far along I was (2 cm + 75% effaced) they placed Cytotec into my cervix, which is a small pill that helps to efface the cervix.  Then around 4:20 pm they inserted a balloon catheter to help dilate me. I had three monitors on me: 1 for my contractions and 2 more for the babies.

I started having stronger contractions that I definitely needed to breathe through, but every time they checked me the balloon catheter wasn't ready to fall out. It's supposed to fall out around 3-4 cm. So of course I'm thinking that I wasn't progressing at all. I was scared I would have to have a C-Section. Finally around 2:00 am the midwife took out the catheter and checked me. Turns out I was 5 cm dilated and 90% effaced. The reason it didn't come out on its own, was because of the shape and position of my cervix. Instead of facing down, mine faces forward.

At 2:16 am my water broke naturally and the contractions after that were so intense. My water actually broke while in the hospital bed and it gushed out of me like a river. The contractions were stronger and lasting longer now. Up to this point, the only medical intervention to put me into labor was Cytotec and the balloon to help dilate me.

I lasted up until I was around 7cm before I asked for an epidural. When the anesthesiologist got to my room, I was in extreme pain and the contractions were so frequent. He had me lay on my side and attempted to place the epidural (during contractions of course) and turns out it took him three tries and 40 mins to finally get one in. It was horrible! I was screaming through these contractions at this point because I had to lay perfectly still while he was doing my epidural. It felt like a form of torture, but I knew I could seriously injure myself if I moved at all. Once I had it in I felt so much better. I could still feel the contractions but it felt more like cramping than anything. Soon I was so comfortable that I was able to get a few hours of sleep.

At around 6:30 am the midwife came into my room to check my progress and see how I was doing. To my surprise I was fully effaced and 10 cm! From this point on things moved so fast. My mom and husband (who were sleeping) woke up quickly and called everyone. The hospital staff gave them scrubs to change into and I couldn't believe it was actually happening! The OR was prepped and before I knew it I was rolled out of my room and into the OR to push these babies out.

It was so surreal being in that room, knowing so soon I would be meeting my little boys. I had a nurse holding one of my legs and Wes holding the other. When I had a contraction I heard my OB tell me to push and I couldn't believe it was actually time! I pushed with everything I had and because the babies heart rates were dropping, they used forceps and had me push harder and more frequently to get them out faster. Liam came out first at 8:06 am. When I heard him cry for the first time I couldn't help but cry. I looked over at my husband and he was crying too. He rushed over to Liam to cut the umbilical cord and take a good look at his new baby boy.

Liam Grayson

Born at 8:06 am

5lbs 11oz

19.5 in long

I got a small break, and when I say small I mean less than 5 mins, before having to push for Bentley. They gave me Pitocin between the babies to make sure my contractions stayed steady. Before I knew it I was pushing Bentley out. They also had to use forceps to help him out. He was born 20 minutes after his brother at 8:26 am. I stayed on the table to deliver the placentas and get stitched up. I only had a second degree tear so that's good. I had such an amazing staff working with me.

Bentley Carlisle

Born at 8:26 am

5lbs 8oz

19 in long

My OB told me that because their heart rates were so low and they were in distress, that if I didn't push as hard as I did, I would have had to have an emergency C-Section. We were definitely blessed in that regard.

I was exhausted when pushing and during delivery I actually had an oxygen mask on. They wheeled the babies Wes back into my room. I followed behind not too long after. I slowly was getting feeling back into my legs. But I was also bleeding uncontrollably. They gave me Pitocin to help stop the bleeding, that didn't work. So they tried pills and a shot and I was still bleeding. Finally it started to calm down on its own a few hours later.

I took a shower for the first time in over a day and it was much needed! I felt so gross! The first night we didn't get much sleep at all but the boys were pretty good. I started breastfeeding and that was rough at first but slowly improved the longer we were at the hospital. It was definitely an adjustment.

The next day I noticed when I walked around or stood up I couldn't breathe, so they sent me to radiology where I got a CT scan of my chest. Turns out my lungs were partially collapsed which is called Atelectasis. No wonder I was having a hard time walking and breathing. So they gave me breathing exercises to do and an inhaler. I slowly walked the hall and tried to build up my strength little bits at a time.

We ended up staying at the hospital for 6 days total. Partially because of my recovery and partially because of the boys. They had glucose and temperature control problems at first. Those resolved themselves in about two days, then they had trouble with their weight. Which got better as well.

Writing this and looking through these pictures makes me so emotional. I can't believe they are here! We finally got to bring them home on Monday and I'm so so so in love! Being their mama is the best job I could ever ask for.

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