Twins | 6 Week Update

Twins | 6 Week Update

Well yesterday the boys had their six week check up and I was shocked at how much they weighed! Go on, take a guess...

Liam weighed in at 7 lbs 15 oz.

Bentley weighed in at 7 lbs 9.6 oz.

I can't believe they're almost 8 lbs each now! They're growing so fast!

Although they've made great progress from the time they were born, they're in the zero percentile for their age. The pediatrician doesn't seem worried about it as long as they keep gaining weight steadily.

They're both 20.5 in long now and that puts them in the fifth percentile. But again, he doesn't seem too worried.

It's crazy to me how they're the size of average babies at BIRTH, yet they're 6 weeks old.

We did find out that they both have yeast infections on their poor little bums. Our doctor told us it usually occurs when there are too many sugars in the breastmilk. He gave us some medication to put on it and hopefully it will help clear it up soon. I've also decided that as of today, I'm cutting dairy out of my diet to see if that has an impact at all. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is going to be HARD for me haha. But, if it can help them at all with their little bums or acid reflux it's worth it!

We also went to immunizations and got their first round of shots. Poor babies cried....and so did mama. They were troopers though and stopped crying almost as soon as it was over. The doctor gave us some Tylenol for them in case they were in too much pain afterward. We were told to stick around for 15 minutes after they got their shots to make sure they didn't have a severe reaction.

*these vaccines are all dead viruses so we were told they shouldn't become sick or have a severe reaction*

They seemed fine so we went home. About 3 hours after they got their shots they started to cry and scream uncontrollably. We noticed their legs were red and pretty swollen. It just broke my heart that they were in pain.

I took their temperatures and Liam's was 100.00 and Bentley's was 99.4.

So I gave them both a warm bath and rubbed their injection sites to work it out and of course this hurt them, but in the long run it helped. I also gave them a little Tylenol, put them in their PJs and snuggled them until they were comfy. Poor babies just wanted to cuddle with mama and daddy. We've been keeping an eye on them and they're doing so much better today!

It was so hard to watch them suffer, but I know in the end it helps protect them against getting sick so it's so worth it!

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