Twins | 36 Week Bumpdate

Twins | 36 Week Bumpdate

36 week twin bump

How Far Along?: 36 Weeks

Genders?: BOYS

How Big Are Babies?: The size of a Honeydew. They should be around 5 pounds hopefully. They are getting more ready for their debut!

Weight Gain?: At the OB's office earlier this week I was 174! WOW! I honestly think a few pounds of that is just water since I have swollen up SO badly.

Workouts?: Nothing! My feet are so swollen it makes it impossible for me to even be up long. Not to mention the walking brings on some not so comfy contractions. I would like to keep them in for another week at least.

Symptoms?: Besides the usual cramping and contractions I've had a lot of pelvic pain. Also, my swelling is out of this world still. My PUPPS is about the same, the meds seem to help so that's good. It's only where my stretch marks are around my belly button, everywhere else is fine so far thank God! I've felt dizzy a few times which is new but other than that everything seems to be the same.

Wedding Ring On or Off?: Still off, not going to even try to put any jewelry on.

Stretch Marks?: Under my boobs and the few on my butt. The ones around my belly button haven't gotten worse so that's good!

Belly Button?: Out!

Movements?: They move a lot but it's mostly just them rolling around and changing positions.

Sleep?: Not sleeping at all! I get so uncomfortable at night not to mention I pee ALL the time.

What I Miss?: Being comfortable and being able to sleep on my back. Also I miss having my energy like I used to and normal sized feet.

Food Cravings?: Hard boiled eggs and fruit. At least I'm being healthy for the most part.

Food Aversions?: None.

Labor Signs?: Still having contractions and lots and lots of pressure, more so the longer I go on.

What I Look Forward to This Week?: Looking forward to our specialist appointment to make sure the babies are doing well!

Notes: Finally can deliver at Naval now! WOOOO!



We had our last specialist appointment today! My husband couldn't come....yet again because of work. But, thankfully my grandma was able to tag along. We got to the hospital around 12:30pm. My appointment was at 1:00pm. I checked in and sat patiently for my appointment time.

When we got there, no one was in the office. Gradually the waiting room filled and I noticed all these women who got there after me were going into appointments before me. Then an hour passes. I thought to myself, "I wonder if they forgot about me" so I went to the front desk to remind them I was there. Sat back down and big surprise I waited....and waited.....and waited. Finally at around 2:30pm my name was called.

The girls in the back felt so bad for forgetting about me so they let me pick from a bag of goodies to take home. How sweet! We ended up leaving with three knitted beanies and a pair of knitted booties. They were so thankful that I didn't cause a scene and it made me feel so good.

The ultrasound tech did all her measurements as well as an umbilical artery doppler. It was so exciting to see the boys again, and for the first time this pregnancy I got to see Baby A sucking his thumb! She printed pictures for us and told me the arteries looked great! Thank goodness! She also said that Baby B's abdominal circumference isn't lagging as much as it was before which is great news! He is slowly catching up on his measurements which makes this mama feel so relieved! I was also shocked when she told me their estimated weights. Drum roll please.........

Baby A: 5lbs 7oz

Baby B: 5lbs 8oz

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