Twins 32 Week Growth Scan Update

Twins 32 Week Growth Scan Update

Well this morning started out fine. I went to my physical therapy appointment and it was just a regular windy desert morning. I had just pulled into a parking spot outside my house when I got a call from an unknown number. Turns out it was my OB who had gone over the growth scan I had done on Friday. As soon as I knew she was calling about the ultrasound my heart sank. They only call when something is wrong. Now my mind was racing. I went to the darkest possible scenario.

She continued to tell me that something looked abnormal on my growth scan. My heart sank even more. She went on to say that the boys' legs weren't growing correctly. They were shorter than average. Liam is in the 1st percentile and Bentley is in the 4th percentile.

The rest of their measurements (head, arms, etc.) are all measuring fine and so is their weight. My OB is concerned so she referred me to a high risk specialist OB an hour and a half away.

Last growth scan, which was at 26 weeks, everything looked great and there were no problems. So in the six weeks between my appointments something seemed to have gone wrong.

Once she hung up I couldn't stop crying. I sat in my car and tried to process everything she had just said. When she mentioned possible scenarios such as dwarfism my mind immediate shut down. I called my friend Jenn immediately after I called Wes and just unloaded all of it to her. After a good cry in my car, I went inside the house and thankfully Wes' shop let him come home early.

I also found out today that my father-in-law had a similar problem. When he was born he had very short legs but other than that no other issues or disabilities. He was supposed to be about 4 inches taller than he is now. I'm wondering if it can be a hereditary thing. I really hope that all this means, is that they will be shorter! Wes and I are so worried but trying to stay positive. We're hoping our sweet little boys will come out healthy with no disabilities. But whatever happens, we will love them just the same.

Praying things go well and we can see a specialist within a week or so. If y'all could keep our little boys in your prayers, we would really appreciate it!

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