Twins | 30 Week Bumpdate

Twins | 30 Week Bumpdate

30 week bump twins

How Far Along?: 30 Weeks

Genders?: BOYS

How Big Are Babies?: The boys are just over 3 lbs now and the size of cucumbers. Their brains are growing, and they can now regulate their body temperatures!

Weight Gain?: At my last appointment I gained 45 pounds so far. I feel like that's too much but my OB said if I gain 2 lbs a week from here on out I should be ok!

Workouts?: None, after the hospital I’m supposed to take it easy and walking casually is ok.

Symptoms?: Cramps, heartburn and lack of sleep. Also contractions and out of breath ALL the time! Like I have an elephant on my chest.

Wedding Ring On or Off?: Off.

Stretch Marks?: Under my boobs, a few on my butt, but nothing on the belly!

Belly Button?: Out!

Movements?: Not as much as usual, but I still feel them.

Sleep?: Lately it's hard to sleep at all.

What I Miss?: Being comfortable, and having more clothes that fit me.

Food Cravings?: None.

Food Aversions?: None.

Labor Signs?: Still having contractions, I can’t feel all of them but they feel about 6-10 mins apart depending on what I do. Also having watery discharge but I think that is just me losing my mucus plug slowly. TMI I know haha.

What I Look Forward to This Week?: Taking Jenn’s announcement photos!

Notes: I’ve had a nasty cold this whole week and I feel terrible. Slowly getting better but it doesn't feel like it. The coughing just makes the contractions worse! I haven’t dilated any more (that I know of) so that's good!

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