Twins | 29 Week Update

Twins | 29 Week Update

29 week twin bump

How Far Along?: 29 Weeks 4 Days

Genders?: BOYS

How Big Are Babies?:  About the size of an acorn squash and roughly 3 lbs each! Growing so fast!

Weight Gain?: Last time I was checked I had gained 40 lbs.

Workouts?: None taking it easy for now.

Symptoms?: Contractions, pressure, exhausted all the time and hungry often.

Wedding Ring On or Off?: Off.

Stretch Marks?: Under my boobs and a few on my butt.

Belly Button?: Out!

Movements?: All the time and at all hours of the day!

Sleep?: Not sleeping well at all!

What I Miss?: Being comfortable even a little bit...

Food Cravings?: None.

Food Aversions?: None.

Labor Signs?: Yes! Contractions and a lot of pressure!

What I Look Forward to This Week?: Getting ahead in some homework so hopefully I'll finish my classes before these boys make an entrance into the world!

Notes: I went to L&D around 10:45pm after experiencing tightness and pressure in my belly and pelvis. Before I went in I drank 2 liters of water and took tylenol. I laid down for an hour and monitored them from home.

I came in and was having contractions every 4-5 minutes lasting about 50-60 seconds. A few hours later I was having them every 2-3 minutes and they felt much stronger although still not in incredible pain.

They checked my cervix and said I was a fingertip and closed or essentially closed. This means she could fit her fingertip into the external part of my cervix but couldn't reach the internal opening which was a good sign.

The OB came in to check me and said she agreed and that I was only 25% effaced. Also a good sign! The hospital gave me two shots of steroids to help develop the lungs of the boys faster. They gave me an IV, took some blood, and then hooked me up to fluids.

I was also put on a magnesium sulfate drip to help stop the contractions. I had about 2 or 3 while on the drip but they had slowed significantly which is great! After the magnesium was hooked up they placed a catheter which hurt so bad!

I reacted BADLY to the magnesium + after about a half hour I started to feel somewhat better. My blood pressure dropped to about 90 over something. I tried to sleep but didn’t get more than 2 hours, they constantly were monitoring the babies and I.

The next day I was taken off the magnesium at about noon. The catheter was able to come out and I was feeling much better. While I was unhooked from the magnesium I only had about 1 or 2 contractions so they were staying away for the most part.

Before I left they checked my cervix again. This time I was at 1 cm. The nurse could fit her finger through my cervix she said, but couldn't feel babies head or anything, which is a good sign. They let me go home to sleep. I was at the hospital from 10:45pm (1.8.16) to 4:45pm (1.9.16)

They told me I was on modified best rest and to drink LOTS of water. If I feel any more I'm supposed to go back in. I felt like I had at least 4-5 while at home that night but wasn't completely sure if they were contractions or just pressure.

I went back to L&D at 7:30am where they gave me my second shot and checked my cervix again. I was still the same, 1 cm so they let me go home again!

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