Twins | 24 Week Bumpdate

Twins | 24 Week Bumpdate

24 week twin bump

How Far Along?: 24 Weeks

Genders?: BOYS

How Big Are Babies?: They are the size of a cantaloupe. They're just over a pound each and have now reached the age of viability woooo! It's a huge milestone, especially for twins. Their see-through skin is now getting more opaque.

Weight Gain?: I haven’t weighed myself recently, but I would guess somewhere around 30-32 lbs?

Workouts?: After coming home from the hospital, I was on bed rest. So, no workouts for this mama. I walk slightly and now can start the prenatal yoga!

Symptoms?: Slight cramps here and there. Back aches, and swollen feet and ankles.

Wedding Ring On or Off?: Off.

Stretch Marks?: No change still just under my boobs.

Belly Button?: Still in, but working its way out more and more each week.

Movements?: YES! A lot lately. Enough to move my hand when it's on my belly!

Sleep?: Still not great but it is getting better slowly.

What I Miss?: Fitting into cute clothes.

Food Cravings?: Anything with sugar! Donut holes and oreos have been my go to lately. So unhealthy but I can't help it.

Food Aversions?: None right now.

Labor Signs?: Nope nothing except slight cramps and a few Braxton Hicks.

What I Look Forward to This Week?: My baby shower this weekend!

Notes: Still taking antibiotics for my bladder infection and trying to take it easy as much as possible. I’m excited to plan my friend's baby shower which is coming up in 2 weeks!

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