Twins | 21 Week Bumpdate

Twins | 21 Week Bumpdate

21 week twin bump

How Far Along?: 21 Weeks

Genders?: BOYS

How Big Are Babies?: The size of a pomegranate, about 10.5 inches long and 12.7 ounces each. As the babies digestive systems prep for the outside world, they're manufacturing meconium, the tarry black substance we will find in their first dirty diaper!

Weight Gain?: Weighed myself at night a day ago (although at night is not the right time to weigh) and it said I gained about 30 pounds, not sure if it is accurate or not. But seems like SO much!

Workouts?: Besides walking, nothing. Even walking needs to be done in moderation. If I walk too much I start to have Braxton Hicks and they're really uncomfortable.

Symptoms?: My eczema has really gotten bad along with my swollen fingers and feet. I've been having really bad back pain still too, and Braxton Hicks contractions are happening about everyday.

Wedding Ring On or Off?: My wedding band is getting too tight and I might have to take it off soon too. The engagement ring doesn't fit at all anymore since it's a bit smaller.

Stretch Marks?: Just on my boobs nowhere else yet!

Belly Button?: It's slowly starting to come out but right now it’s just level with my belly.

Movements?: YES. All the time, everyday that's for sure. But lately it has slowed down a bit.

Sleep?: Still hard for me, I can’t seem to get comfy. I can’t seem to be in bed longer than 8:30am either.

What I Miss?: Fitting into my regular clothes and I've been craving sushi for the last couple weeks. It's even worse because I can't have it...

Food Cravings?: Sushi, which I can’t have! And hard boiled eggs.

Food Aversions?: It depends on the day. Nothing really stands out though.

Labor Signs?: None besides the Braxton Hicks contractions.

What I Look Forward to This Week?: I have another OB appointment this week and can’t wait to see my babies.

Notes: Finally finished the crib and put it together it looks so nice!

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