Twins 1st Disneyland Trip!

Twins 1st Disneyland Trip!

Some people may think we're crazy...and let's be honest we're a little bit. But, rest assured we got the A-OK from our pediatrician as long as WE could handle it. With that said, we just HAD to take the boys to Disneyland. Disneyland is one of my family's favorite places. We went so many times, that we thought the boys should go especially before this PCS coming up!

I did the research and planned ahead to make sure we'd have everything we'd need while at the park. Wes and I decided to carry the boys in our Tula's rather than bringing a big bulky stroller. I wish we had a small stroller that was easy to bring along, but the Tula was nice since it kept our hands free.

Of course we picked a day that was SO crowded. I swear every school within 200 miles must have been there today. It was also hot, although it could've been worse. We made sure to dress the boys in layers and bring hats to cover their heads. They actually did so well and I'm so proud of them! They slept most of the time but when they didn't, they looked around curiously.

We did actually take them on a ride. Can you guess it? Winnie the Pooh! It was a nice break from the walking and heat. The boys also enjoyed it. We also took advantage of the Baby Centers at both parks.

They're awesome for mamas and their babies. They have a small store with baby items, nursing rooms, bathrooms, changing tables and an area to just sit and rest.

I will say one thing though. I was PISSED after we left the California Adventure Baby Center. I didn't realize it when we first got there, actually I didn't realize it until another dad had told me. The woman working the front of the baby center was SICK! She had a viral infection and she was working at a child care center. WHAT. THE. HELL. This dad was pissed and made a scene which I'm glad he did! We left as soon as we figured that out.

Here is my opinion on this: it's a form of child endangerment. She works with children anywhere from 2 weeks old up and she could seriously harm children by spreading her sickness to them. IT IS NOT OKAY. Ok rant over haha.

That was really the only problem we had today. The boys did great, we did great (besides this mamas feet being a bit sore and my granulation tissue being sore) and we had fun! 

I also bought these adorable little Mickey Mouse sleepers for the boys!

For all those mamas not sure if you can take your baby to Disney, I'm here to tell you, you can! If I can do it with two you can do it! Just plan ahead and enjoy the day!

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