Twins 1st Beach Trip

Twins 1st Beach Trip

Well this morning was just like any other Sunday morning. Then I got a text from my friend Chasity. She said that her and her family were going to head to the beach and she invited us along! I thought it might be fun to take the boys on their first beach trip. Considering they haven't even been to the pool yet, I thought it would be nice to get out of the house. So I packed the diaper bag, got everything ready and told my hubby to get in the car. He was hesitant about going because of the weather, but he changed his mind quickly and off we were.

We drove across the toll bridge into Destin. There's this military only beach that we decided to try out. There was an attendant that checked for military ID's just like at a base. Which made me feel just a little more secure. It was HOT and of course humid. There was a pavilion like structure where Chasity and I hung out with the babies. It was nice and shaded and there was a slight breeze coming from the ocean. I, of course, was sweating like mad.

Our husbands decided to head to Walmart to try and get a tent for the babies so we could all be on the beach by the water. By the time the guys got back and set up the tent the babies were pretty fussy. We brought them down by the water and it just got worse from there. By this time, I'm thinking this was a terrible decision. All the babies were getting really hot and I started to get uncomfortable with having them outside. I decided it was time to pack it up and call it quits.

We put the boys in the carseats (naked at this point besides their diapers) and headed home. I sat in the back between them because Bentley was starting to get a bit hot and limp looking. It was making me nervous.

All in all this trip was a disaster. We got home and bathed both the boys and they were so much happier! Bad mama over here! I felt so bad, my poor babies. But now we know not to do that again! At least not until they are a bit older. Today was a long and tiring day and these baby boys are exhausted!

Time to get some rest! Night!

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