Twins | 19 Week Update

Twins | 19 Week Update

On our way to the hospital, a thought crossed my mind. It's been fourteen weeks since the boys have last had a check up. It seems like forever! I was so excited to finally see how much weight the boys had gained. My sweet friend Chasity decided to come along with me to help out with the boys since our hubbys are in school now and Wes wasn't able to come.

Their appointment was at 9:00 in the morning and we were five minutes late of course. Thank goodness they still saw us. We didn't wait long to get seen, which was pretty awesome. I have to admit, this Air Force hospital is WAY bigger than the Naval hospital we're used to. I got lost a few times.

Liam went first for his measurements and here's how it turned out:


Weight: 11 lbs 13 oz

Height: 23.7 in long

Heart Rate: 130 bpm

Oxygen: 99

Head Circumference: 41.3 cm

Temperature: 98.1 F

*His weight was in the 0 percentile while his height was in the 6th percentile. His head circumference is in the 21st percentile.

Next was Bentley and here's how his measurements turned out:


Weight: 12 lbs 6 oz

Height: 23.5 in long

Heart Rate: 132 bpm

Oxygen: 99

Head Circumference: 41.4 cm

Temperature: 98 F

*His weight was in the 10th percentile and so was his height. His head circumference was in the 33rd percentile.

Bentley was fighting the airmen working on him and of course made his life difficult. He also decided to pee not once, not twice, but THREE times on the table. After all the measurements were taken, we were escorted to a room to wait for their PCM.

She finally came in about 20 minutes later and took a look at Liam first. She said that he looked great, although his weight wasn't even on the charts right now. I'm hoping he'll start to gain more soon. He has a slight tongue tie, but nothing that's in need of revision and he's doing much better with his latching so that's great! We're slowly getting away from the nipple shield. We were a bit bummed to find out that both the boys have GERD (which my hubby has too). This is why they're spitting up so much and have a slight cough.

Next up was Bentley. She didn't actually check his tongue, but we had it checked later and he has no tongue tie! Woo! She said he looks great and other than the GERD he's healthy as can be.

She did bring up solids and I'm so excited to start solids with them. She said the boys are showing signs that they're ready to start slowly into solid foods. She recommends starting with yellow or orange veggies first. Although she did say we could start solids, I really want to wait just a little longer.

After she left we went back to the waiting room to wait for their second set of shots. I was nervous for their shots because last time they did NOT react well. We had a slight issue with the system and I ended up having to call 29 Palms Naval Hospital to have the boys records sent over. Finally, it was all worked out and it was our turn for shots. They brought us into a room and I felt so bad because they were both peacefully sleeping. First up was Liam. Poor baby had no idea what was going on and was happy and smiling until he was stuck 3 times. I kissed on him and scooped him up as soon as she was done with him. I rocked him, kissed him, loved on him but poor thing was crying non stop. He finally slowed down with his cries and thank goodness for Chasity. She was a life saver. She loved on him while I was with Bentley. This poor mama was crying right along with those sweet boys.

Bentley and Liam both took the oral one great. Bentley had a delayed reaction to the shots, but when we realized what was happening he was so upset. He screamed and my heart broke. I hated watching them in pain. Once I loved on both of them and they calmed down, we put them in their carseats and headed down to the pharmacy. It was packed of course, but not as bad as I've seen it before.

The boys fell asleep and we finally got their prescriptions and left, after being at the hospital for about three hours or so. They started screaming on the way home and from there it was just down hill. They were so uncomfortable, in pain and cranky. We sat in bed and watched Netflix and cuddled. We actually all ended up taking a nap together. The boys seemed to be doing better and they actually slept through the night and didn't wake up until around 5:00am.

When I woke up I felt them and noticed how hot they were. They felt like they were on fire. I immediately freaked out. My family has a history of fever seizures so I ran to the bathroom to take their temperatures. First up was Bentley. His temperature was close to 103 F and that's when I really started to panic. Then I took Liam's and his was 101.5 F. I gave them Tylenol and called the nurse advice line. They told me to bring the boys in to the ER and thats exactly what I did.

I got there around 7:00am and they took forever to see them. When they took their temperatures again Bentley had dropped to 101.1 F and Liam dropped to 99.5 F. When the ER doctor saw the boys he did an exam on them and first up was Bentley. He had a red bump near his belly button and I was a little worried about it, but turns out it went away on its own. He has a lump near his injection site and it's causing a lot of pain for him. Other than that he said he looks good, but he upped his Tylenol dose to 2.5ml. Told me to keep him on a Tylenol regiment three times a day. Next up was Liam he looked about the same, but he had a heat rash on his tummy and face. Poor baby! We finally left two and a half hours later. When we got home they were fussy and I rocked them and snuggled them for a few hours. Liam's temperature went right back up to 101.7 F. I gave him more Tylenol and he came down from it again. They didn't actually take a nap until 1:30pm. I've been checking their temperatures every couple of hours to check on them. I checked their temperatures before bed and they are normal! For the first time today!

Hoping that at their six month check up in September that they react better to their shots. Good thing there'll only be two.

Thanks for reading!

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