Twins | 13 Week Bumpdate

Twins | 13 Week Bumpdate

13 week bump with twins

How Far Along?: 13 Weeks

Genders?: We don't know yet! Mama feels like there's a girl and a boy in there!

How Big Are Babies?: Babies are the size of Georgia peaches, yum! They're about 2.9 inches each and 0.81 ounces. They're starting to work on growing teeth and forming vocal cords. They already have fingerprints too!

Weight Gain?: About 12 pounds so far. Almost a pound a week this pregnancy but my OB says I'm right on track.

Workouts?: I've gone to the gym a few times but I noticed I get tired WAY faster. I stretch, walk and do arm workouts right now.

Symptoms?: Thank goodness the morning sickness has dwindled, although last week I did throw up once. Not near as bad as the whole first trimester though. I pee all the time and my nose is like a damn blood hounds. Just a slight wiff of something in the air and I'm running to the toilet.

Wedding Ring On or Off?: On still. And I'm hoping I can keep them on!

Stretch Marks?: None so far, but I'm nervous I'll get them later on. Crossing my fingers I follow my mama and don't get any at all.

Belly Button?: In for now!

Movements?: None yet, but I'm hoping I feel something soon. I can't wait!

Sleep?: I feel like I sleep NON STOP! I was never a napper before but good gracious do I nap now. I just recently started to sleep on my sides (I'm a back sleeper) and I'm still trying to adjust.

What I Miss?: Not wondering if I'll get sick because of the way something smells or tastes.

Food Cravings?: Fruit! I just can't get enough. All kinds of fruit. I'm also obsessed with wings, so unhealthy but I crave them ALL the time.

Food Aversions?: Greasy food, it makes me so sick...

Labor Signs?: Nope and I hope it stays that way for a long time!

What I Look Forward to This Week?: Catching up on sleep, even though I sleep all the time it never feels like enough!

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