Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween y'all! This year is a whole lot different from last year. Last year we were in Florida for EOD school and it was the twins' first halloween. We all dressed up as the Wizard of Oz characters and threw a big Halloween party! It was loads of fun!

This year was a lot more relaxed and thrown together haha. Wes was away for training, so it was just the boys and I. And with being pregnant, I did NOT have the energy to do much. I spent most of the day cleaning the house and later in the afternoon, got myself and the boys ready to go trick or treating for the first time! Bentley was a cow and Liam was a farmer. I was their scarecrow! We walked around base housing with some friends of ours and their little ones.

It was a lot of fun and we had a blast, but I was still sad that their daddy couldn't experience it with us. Hopefully next year he can since we will have another little one to cart around.

When we got home from our trick or treating adventure, we got all washed up and put on our halloween Pj's and watched Hocus Pocus in bed and snuggled. It was the perfect night (minus my hubby missing). Hope your Halloween was Spooktacular too!

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