Snake Unit Study

Snake Unit Study

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This school year looks a LOT different for many families. With the uncertainty of COVID, many parents are choosing to homeschool instead of sending their kiddos to traditional schools. For some, this was never even an option before COVID. Some may have thought about it, but never took the leap into home educating. Some have been homeschooling for years. Either way, this year looks different.

Wes and I always planned on homeschooling our kiddos. I had an intense calling to home educate from the beginning. Scratch that...I wouldn't say the VERY beginning. When the twins were very young, I had a VERY different parenting approach and honestly, never thought about homeschooling as an option. That quickly changed though.

Even though I had planned to homeschool well before COVID, it's still not what I had envisioned. I had more play dates, more adventures, more museum trips, just more of everything planned. With that said, we are doing the best we can.

I decided to put together this snake unit study post as inspiration to other homeschooling mamas. We had SO much fun with this. We plan to go back to it whenever there's an interest, but I thought I would put together all the resources we used and what worked for us.

The Curriculum

I love to support fellow Etsy shop owners. So, when I came across this snake unit study (also recommended to me by a seasoned homeschooling mama) I knew I had to get it. First of all, my boys were in a HUGE snake phase. When I had them scroll through the study units, they both yelled and pointed "SNAKES!"

Stephanie did an AMAZING job with this study unit. It's so beautifully put together. She even includes a list of resources to dive deeper into snakes. We watched so many documentaries and videos, read all the books and dove deep into the world of snakes.

The twins (especially Liam) loved doing the tracing work and of course coloring. What I love about this unit study, is that it's so open ended. It could be a 2 day mini study, or you could draw it out for a whole month. It really gives you that freedom to go as in depth as you want.


Learning Resources

The boys are all really into puzzles right now. So when I saw this colored snake puzzle, I couldn't help myself. It's actually doubled sided too! One side has numbers, the other has letters. It's great to teach them colors, numbers and their alphabet. I call that a win!


Here's a list of all the supplies you'll need for this unit study:

I recommend cutting the flashcards and the Information cards out, gluing them together (front and back), cutting the corners (those corners can get sharp), then laminating them.

Well, that's it! Have fun ssssstudying your snakes!

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