Rookie of the Year | Cooper's 1st Birthday

Rookie of the Year | Cooper's 1st Birthday

How has it been a full year since you were born my sweet baby boy. I'm getting emotional just typing these words because I can NOT believe how fast this last year went. I look back at my birth photos and I want to cry. I miss my baby boy, but I'm so blessed and grateful that I get to watch him grow everyday. He's the sweetest little mama's boy and he adores his big brothers. He can walk now and clap his hands! He says mama, dada, wow, uh oh and we are working on dog (Nala). He also tried to mimic "thank you" when he's given something. We are down to only nursing twice a day, but let me be real with y'all for a minute...I am SO damn proud of myself for making it to my one year goal with breastfeeding. It's a badge of honor for real. We have also FINALLY worked out a sleep schedule and hallelujah praise the Lord because this mama needs her sleep!

Now that he's only nursing twice a day, he's been getting soy milk and he also is more interested in actual meals, so that's been exciting. He walks everywhere and climbs everything. in. sight.

Nothing is safe. I can't believe how much he's changed in just one month. We got his cake smash photos done and have mercy this child did not want to cooperate. I mean what kid doesn't love cake?! Apparently this one. Don't worry mama took one for the team and polished that bad boy off.

He is weighing in at exactly 20 pounds and 30 inches tall! Catching up to his big brothers every day!

Well my sweet baby boy, here's to you. Happy Birthday little man. We love you so much and are so blessed to be your mama and daddy. Having all the feels right now.

Shout out to my girl Roxy for taking amazing pictures for us as usual!


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