PCS to Florida: Day 5

PCS to Florida: Day 5

We got up at sort of a normal hour, then went to Reds Gun Range to meet with my husband's family and friend Travis (who was a groomsman at our wedding). It was nice to meet his family and sit and talk for a little while. It was also great seeing Travis since we haven't seen him in what feels like forever!

We left the range and decided to all get a bite to eat before hitting the road. We went to a place called Salt Lick. Had to have that Texas BBQ before leaving! It was really good, I was a bit disappointed with the sides though and I usually like my BBQ sauce sweeter but this place was good!

We left really late from Pflugerville. It was about 1:00pm. We finally got on the road after getting gas. It felt like it took forever to get through Texas and we hit horrendous traffic in Houston.

We also hit some pretty good rain but that's ok because Wes and I are weird and like rain. We also stopped for a short break off the side of the I-10 and they had by far the nicest bathrooms I've ever seen at a gas station. It totally caught me off guard.

Finally we crossed the border into Louisiana. The sun was up for a long time because we checked in at 8:00pm to our hotel and it was just setting.

Apparently this hotel had some flooding after a bad storm two days ago and the carpets in the hallway were all ripped up and it smelled a bit damp and moldy. We also had two double beds which was interesting...I pretty much slept halfway off the bed while the three boys were cozy sleeping together.

Next Stop: Florida! Woooo!!

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