PCS to Florida: Day 4

PCS to Florida: Day 4

Well today was a hot mess! I got up around 3:40am to get ready and get the car packed. We ended up leaving Carlsbad around 5:00am and boy was it early! I took the first shift driving and it wasn't too bad. After about 3 ½ hours of driving we switched. We were making pretty good time and we didn't even stop for too long.

It was a bit stressful because as we are driving through Texas, our truck of things arrived at our new house. Thank goodness for our sweet friends down the street who stayed there to oversee everything! We also had to deal with the gas, electric and water guys. Everything in the house was turned off yesterday so we're frantically trying to get it back on by the time we get there. We managed to get gas out there and that was turned on today. Power was fixed and water will be taken care of on Monday!

Finally around 2:30pm we rolled into Waco, TX. Instead of going to the hotel we went straight to Magnolia Realty, where my grandma went to go look at houses. Of course right after we let the dogs out to pee, Nala poops all in the back....Lovely just what we needed. We cleaned it up and off we went again.

We were showed two houses. At the first house we left the sunroof open for the dogs who were in the way back with the luggage. We were only in the house for a short bit to look and take pictures. That's the only reason the dogs were left in the car with the top basically down. Anyways, we come back out to find that the dogs had been up front while we were gone. Then my husband asked me "Where's Mya?" Oh $@&! Where did she go?! We frantically start looking and realize she somehow jumped out the top of the Jeep and escaped. That damn dog! So, here we are running around screaming for her when finally 3 minutes later Wes finds her across a main highway in someone else's yard! I could have killed her myself!

After that whole fiasco we saw the second house (my favorite) which had 5 acres of land! (Yes please!) Once we finished looking at houses it was off to the hotel to check in. Here's where it gets interesting....

We find the hotel and first thing I think is..."Where. Are. We..." Not only did it look dirty on the outside, but I was just waiting for someone to come up and mug us. I was honestly shocked! The only reason I booked this hotel was because it had good reviews. Were these people high?!

We checked in (I was willing to give it a chance) and they put us upstairs. Which was ok I guess. We had to walk to the side and up some concrete stairs, go around the side again to get to our room. I kept thinking, "This is gonna be fun to haul the boys and everything up here." We decided to change rooms and I'll say the lady at the front desk was awesome and super understanding. She switched us and this one was even worse! It was downstairs but it was so gross.

It smelled funky and dirty and like cigarettes! I just had that dirty feeling walking into it. Then, I looked in the bathroom and that was it. Oh. Hell. No! It was so dirty and sketchy I thought we were at a gas station. Not only that, but the dogs decided it would be a great place to not only pee but poop as well. AWESOME.

We left to go see Magnolia Market and oh my goodness I was so excited! It was beautiful! I wanted everything in that store and the Silos were so cool! Of course I had to buy something. We accidentally made a wrong turn and ended up going down a street with a house that Chip and Joanna Gaines actually re-did on their show! It was so cool because I remember watching that episode on Fixer Upper. After we visited we went back to the hotel.

We packed up the car, went to dinner at iHop with my grandma and great aunt and then checked out. We booked another hotel in Round Rock which is about an hour and a half south of Waco.

At this point everyone including the babies and dogs were tired and frustrated. We got to the hotel around 10:00pm. From there it was shower and sleep after almost 24 hours of traveling!

Next Stop: Louisiana.

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