PCS to Florida: Day 3

PCS to Florida: Day 3

This morning started off great! I woke up before everyone else and took a shower. I got ready and then got all of our stuff ready to pack into the car. I let the dogs out (one at a time) and all before my husband and babies got up. Once he was up and showered, I went to the restaurant to cash in our free breakfast coupons. I only got strawberries and a bagel but it was good! We got gas and on our way to Carlsbad we went.

We left the hotel just before 10:00am and we decided to stop at the White Sands Missile Range base. It was pretty cool! I had no idea there was an Army base way out there. We walked around the museum and it was like a playground for my husband. He was so excited!

After we left the museum we were on the road again. We passed White Sands National Monument, but from the car it was beautiful. You could see the hills of white sand. Fun Fact: Transformers and lots of other movies were filmed there! We stopped off for lunch quickly and I fed the boys too. I have to say, I think I have perfected pumping while in the car.

We stopped again in a small town so we could change the boys and so Wes and I could take turns driving. It was my turn! (Only had an hour left of the drive). We had to stop again because poor Liam was screaming in pain. He had tears coming down his face and I could tell his tummy was bothering him, plus he was SO gassy. Bentley was having a rough day too. Fussy almost the whole ride. Poor little guys are already tired of the carseat. I don't blame them! Once we got on the road again we only had about 40 mins left until our next stop.

When we got to the hotel I was so excited to just lay down! It was a short driving day but exhausting day mentally. Not to mention, I was dehydrated so I had a MASSIVE headache. Everyone including the dogs were wiped out from the day, so we just decided to get Long John Silver's for dinner and eat in the hotel room.

Speaking of, the room was pretty much brand new! And the staff gave me a free water for my headache. Gotta love that! After dinner we decided to relax and take it easy. So ready for those Zzzz’s!

Fun Fact: This was given to the base by Lucas Films how cool!

Next Stop: Texas

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