My Skincare Routine

My Skincare Routine

My skin has always been sensitive. If you've been following along this past year, you'll know just how crazy my skin has been.

I spent months...MONTHS with a rash that covered most of my face. The dermatologist said I had perioral dermatitis. On top of that I also have ezcema. For about seven months I didn't put anything on face. Not even lotion...For fear that I would make the rash worse.

Eventually I decided to make my own skin serum, and it helped SO much. Once I felt like I got my skin under control, I was on the search for a really good skincare company. And by good, I mean nontoxic, and good for my body.

I was nervous to pull the trigger on anything, until one day I listened to a podcast (the Maximized Minimalist, one of my favorites) that totally caught my attention. It was with the Primal Life Organics founder Trina Felber. In it, they talked about nontoxic beauty and what ingredients in your skincare can cause issues. I was hooked. I reached out to their team, and they were generous enough to send me a box of their stuff to try.





That's the only word I can think of to describe their products. And it's not just one, ALL of them. My skin is loving it. I can see a visible difference in the way my skin looks. It looks brighter, tighter, and just overall even and clear. 



If you've been looking for a new skincare routine, or you just want to treat yourself and try something different, I highly recommend Primal Life Organics.

Here's what my everyday skincare routine looks like.


  • Shower, and use Earth Cleanser to wash my face. (About twice a week I'll use the Sweet Revenge exfoliating scrub)
  • Pat dry my face, spritz the Infiniti Toner on and let dry.
  • Use one pump of the Coffee Elixir (this stuff smells like a cup of coffee on your face and instantly wakes me up!)
  • Finish off with the Beyond Moisturizer (this stuff is SUPER hydrating and my skin loves it!)






It's nothing fancy, but it works for me! And I have to say, a little bit goes a long way with this stuff! Also they're having a huge sale right now on their dental line! So hurry and grab everything before it ends!

I'd love to know what you're loving about your skincare routine, or what you'd like to change!


Talk soon friend!


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