Fall 2022 Bucket List

Fall 2022 Bucket List

Well it's that time of year again and it's FINALLY starting to feel like fall here in Texas. There's something about the change in season that beckons us to slow down and settle in. I dream of cozy sweaters, pumpkins, and crisp mornings. This time of year naturally transitions us to slow down and settle in. With every season there's a chance to start fresh, and I love to make a list of things I want to do during that season. It helps me to stay present and really enjoy the little moments with my family before the it passes. 

I put together some of my favorite fall things for you to try this season! 

Pumpkin Patch

If you don't visit a pumpkin patch did you even Fall? The kiddos love to visit the farm and pick out their own special pumpkins, and let's be honest this mama loves to decorate the front porch with them. Plus, they make the perfect photo backdrop!


Wear Boots

Boots are my favorite fall accessory! Not only are they cute, but they keep your toes nice and cozy on those fall morning strolls. From ankle booties to hunter boots, the options are endless!


Make Beeswax Candles

Candles are definitely a hot topic in the holistic world, but I make exceptions for handmade candles made with quality ingredients. Making your own beeswax candles isn't just fun, but it adds such a cozy ambiance to your home. Seeing the warm soft glow of candles lit while kneading dough on the counter, just brings me so much joy!


Visit a Farmer's Market

When the weather starts to cool off, farmer's markets become WAY more enjoyable. There's nothing more miserable than pushing a wagon loaded down with groceries and four kids in 100 degree weather. So when the mornings are nice and cool, farmer's markets are my favorite place to be. Plus, there's something so special about supporting your local farmers. You can find some pretty amazing things like local honey, grass fed beef, and raw milk!


Cozy Up and Watch Movies

This may be one of my favorite things on the list. I'm naturally a homebody and I love getting cozy on the couch and snuggling under a blanket while watching a favorite movie or show. One of my favorites for fall is Gilmore Girls!


Cook From Scratch

There's nothing quite as satisfying as providing your family with a nutritious homemade meal. Cooking from scratch requires more time and effort, but the fruit produced is so much more than a meal. If you've never cooked from scratch, I challenge you to start this fall!


Drink Your Favorite Fall Beverage

Fall brings all the warm flavors. Cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, the list goes on. So wether you make your own, or grab something from Starbucks, treat yourself this season to your favorite fall drink! 


Drink Apple Cider

Speaking of drinks, apple cider is another one of those classic fall drinks. I love the spiced apple flavor and wait all year for it to come back! If you have apple picking where you live, I highly recommend visiting to pick your own apples and usually they have apple cider to drink while you're there!


Read a Book

With cooler weather and shorter days, we often find ourselves spending more time inside. So grab that favorite fall drink, light those homemade beeswax candles, and dive into a good book. 


Go on a Nature Walk

Getting outside in nature is so restorative for the soul. Soaking in God's beautiful creation is such a sacred time. I love the healing benefits of it, and always feel more refreshed and energized after. My kids also love collecting their nature "treasures" and bringing them home to display.


Bake Sourdough

One of the best things I started over the last year has been sourdough bread baking. It's become such a form of therapy for me, and there's something so satisfying about seeing the end product. Being able to serve your family a fresh baked loaf out of the oven with dinner is so special! You can buy my sourdough starter here if you don't have one already!


Visit a Corn Maze

My kids love visiting our local farm where they have a fun corn maze to go through. It's a classic fall activity and it always brings me back to when I was a kid. I encourage you to go visit one and make it a game! Who can get out of the maze first!


Wear a Cozy Sweater

My husband would say I have a sweater problem. I disagree, I call it a collection. If you change it from obsession to collection it makes it sound legit. But how could I not love them? They are warm, soft, cozy and cute. They go with jeans, leggings, even maxi skirts. Sweater weather is MY jam. During the fall, you will most likely find me wearing a sweater at all times!


Learn a New Skill

With being inside more, there is more opportunity to learn a new skill. What's something you've been wanting to learn but just haven't felt like you've had the time to? Knitting? Canning? Sewing? Bread baking? Whatever it is, pick an interest of yours and learn to master it!



Let me know what you try from this list and what you would add!
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