Mother's Day 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Hey y'all! I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend!

I was so excited when I woke up on Sunday and realized my sweet husband let me sleep in until 8:20 am! It was MUCH needed that's for sure. I woke up to two cards: one from my husband and one from the boys. They were so sweet and I didn't even notice the breakfast he had made that was sitting by my nightstand. I'm SO thankful for him. I was truly spoiled.

I rolled myself out of bed after about 40 minutes and called my own mama to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. I jumped into the shower and got dressed and my husband and I brainstormed on what we could do with our day. We couldn't think of much, so we just went to the plaza and shopped around. We decided to get some lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and then it was back home because the twins were getting a bit fussy.

We came home, changed the twins and put them in their room to take a nap. As we waited for them to tire themselves out, we watched some Netflix and our friends came over to say hi. They even dropped off an edible arrangement for me! YUM!

My husband went upstairs to check on the boys and all I hear is..."Ummmm BABE! You need to come up here!!!" So of course I freak out and say "WHY!? What happened?!" And then I heard the dreaded words..."There is poop EVERYWHERE!"

As I run up the stairs, I start to smell the most awful scent. Mind you I'm used to baby poop, but this was just foul. I mean the farther up the stairs I went, the stronger it got. I got to the top of the stairs and didn't even want to know what their room looked like...I peaked into their room and almost had a heart attack. There, standing in front of me, was Liam. Covered head to toe in his own crap. But, the even more disturbing part? Bentley is standing three feet from him covered in his brothers poop. My husband wasn't kidding. There was poop EVERYWHERE. I'm talking walls, carpet, dresser, doors, toys and of course themselves.

I thought I had seen it all, but while cleaning more and more poop just kept appearing. Every nook and cranny was covered. The room was deceiving. It didn't look to horribly bad when I first took a look. Nope. I was wrong. It's like they covered things with poop and hid them for the hell of it. Just a fun game of "Shit and Seek." My husband ran the bath while I tried to scrape poop off of their door. I never thought poop would be so hard to remove. Once it dried it was like scraping barnacles off a whale. We picked them up with only two fingers, trying to avoid the poop, but it was nearly impossible and just plopped them in the tub. I took over the bath because I just couldn't deal anymore and hubby went to rent a carpet cleaner.

We spent the rest of Mother's Day cleaning poop out of everything. It didn't help that just before this, my husband started noticing hives on his body. So he was already uncomfortable.

By the time dinner rolled around, we were both so exhausted and lazy that we just ordered sushi and watched a movie while sitting on the couch.

The night got progressively worse.....His hives developed into a full blow attack on his body. They covered him head to toe and he was miserable. It started getting to the point where it was hard to breathe. At this point it was close to 11 pm. The boys were long asleep and I was already in bed myself. He was just getting worse, so we decided to head to the ER after calling the nurse advice line.

Thank God for my friend Sam. She came to the rescue that night. I called her to see if she could keep an eye on the boys while we went because I DID NOT want to wake them up. She didn't even hesitate and came running over. She stayed over until we came home and we were so thankful.

Luckily the ER visit wasn't terribly long. We hardly waited for anything and they gave my husband a shot, and a bunch of meds to take. He's doing better now but still fighting it. It's scary that we have no idea what caused it.

That was definitely a Mother's Day for the books...

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