Maternity Shoot with Pinkblush

Maternity Shoot with Pinkblush

It's been about 10,000 degrees outside this summer and being pregnant it feels even hotter. I love my black leggings but let's be honest, it's WAY too hot sometimes to wear those. Trying to find cute maternity clothes has been such a struggle. I wasn't even introduced to PinkBlush until my pregnancy with Cooper when I decided to buy myself a gender reveal dress. I've been hooked ever since!

This pregnancy I told myself I was going to splurge and get myself some cute and comfy maternity clothes. In the past I was a cheapie and just used my non maternity clothes, which I just ended up stretching out and ruining. So in the end I had to spend money on new clothes either way...

Enter PinkBlush.

PinkBlush is one of my absolute favorite maternity brands. I feel like it can be so hard to find stylish looks while pregnant. Most of the clothes I've found are either 1. not my style or 2. look like old lady clothes. PinkBlush has SO many options and in every different size. They have modern and stylish looks for every mama. I also love that they have a non maternity line of clothes for when you transition after baby.

PinkBlush was kind enough to send me this maternity dress and y'all it is SO comfy. It's like your favorite comfy tee made into a dress. I also love that it has pockets on the sides AND a slit for a stylish spin on the classic tee dress. BONUS it's actually on sale right now, so head over and grab yourself one...or five (or something else too)! Not only that, it can easily be worn without that adorable bump. I've found that most of their maternity clothes can be worn after baby too which is such a plus.

Their clothes are incredible soft. As a mama who has been pregnant now three times I can tell you comfort is EVERYTHING when growing a tiny human. I'm also one of those people that's super sensitive to how clothes feel on my skin (especially when I'm pregnant) so the fact that these are so comfy and soft is a HUGE bonus for me.

As always thank you to Roxy for capturing these special moments and to PinkBlush for sponsoring this post.

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