Mastitis: Round 2

Mastitis: Round 2's back! I woke up last Wednesday night in pain again and instantly thought "Oh God please no!"

I stood in the shower to try and relieve the pain, but it didn't do much. So I nursed the boys mostly on that side to see if it would help drain it. Still not much progress.

So I called the hospital and they couldn't get me in until Friday morning. Greaaaaaat. I kept hoping that it wouldn't get worse to the point where I ended up in the ER like last time. Thankfully it didn't get that bad this time. My appointment was at 10:20am, but of course I ran late on top of not really knowing where I was going. I was 15 mins late and at first they said I would have to reschedule. Thank goodness they squeezed me in!

On a positive note! The nurse took my weight and I'm down to 132lbs. Not bad considering I was 180lbs less than four months ago!

I got to the room and waited for the doctor to get in. She came in and did my exam. She agreed I had mastitis yet again. So she prescribed another antibiotic for me to take. She also ordered some labs for me because she was concerned about the dizzy spells I've been having along with the sharp abdominal pains.

She wants to rule out anemia and the possibility that I could have a thyroid problem. She also advised that I set an alarm every 2 or so hours to make sure I eat... I can't believe I need to actually set an alarm to eat!

After leaving her office we went to the labs and waited for what seemed like forever. Naturally it took three tries to get six viles of blood...ouch! I also had to give a urine sample to make sure I don't have a UTI.

After the labs I had to wait for another hour at the pharmacy. Of course the babies were super fussy and screaming. So what did we do? Walked back and forth and back and forth until our number came up. I will say, I got a good work out!

So now we wait. I'm hoping the blood tests come back soon! I'm so tired of these dizzy spells.

I'll keep y'all updated!

This little cutie was trying to help mama feel better, love him so much.

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