Well this week has been interesting. Wednesday night was just like any other night. In fact, we actually had a great night! We went out to dinner with our friends to Cracker Barrel and had fun. Then in the middle of the night, I woke up in excruciating pain, nauseous, a fever of 100.2, with aches and shivers. I was so confused. How could I go from feeling great to feeling like hell in just a matter of hours.

At first, I had no idea what was going on + thought I just had the flu. Which of course, made me nervous thinking I was going to get the boys sick. I tried my best no to breathe on them (not so easy while breastfeeding) + just tried to get some rest hoping I would feel better in the morning. WRONG. I felt worse! Not to mention my fever went up to 101.4. Since my husband had to go to work, I was left alone to take care of two babies + myself. I honestly felt like I couldn't even take care of them because of how badly I felt. So I decided to call the nurse advice line.

After three calls to the nurse advice line, getting hung up on twice and calling the hospital once, I finally got an answer. The nurse told me I had to be seen within four hours, but my PCM didn't have availability 'till the next morning. So she told me I had to go to the ER and be seen today. Great, that doesn't make me feel better. That's the last place I wanted to be.

Let me just say this...waiting in that waiting room really made me appreciate 29 Palms a whole lot more. It felt like FOREVER before we got seen. Finally, they called my name and back we went.

They took vitals, asked me questions and took me to a room. I'll say this, the staff that worked with me were AWESOME! They were so great, they got my blood drawn and put an IV in no problem. The doctor took one look at my left breast and he already knew I had a bad infection. They put me on antibiotics through the IV and had me sit there a while.

Wes had to run to the lab and the pharmacy so I was left with the boys. Of course when I'm hooked up to an IV, alone and in pain they start to fuss...because why not. The nurses were so nice, they came in to rock the boys and took turns checking on them. They even put my bed rails up so the carseat could be wedged in there for me to see them.

We were there for so long that the boys started to get hungry. So here I am in a hospital gown hooked up to meds and an IV, breastfeeding the boys. FINALLY we got to leave and I realized I hadn't eaten anything all day. We didn't even get home until 5:30pm. We decided to get something to eat on the way home.

I now have antibiotics that I need to take every 6 hours on the dot and Tylenol for the pain. The one thing I was really concerned with was having to stop breastfeeding. Thankfully, I can still breastfeed with this medication. Even though it hurts like a $!@& to do it.

I had a follow up appointment with my PCM the next morning (and of course I got lost in the new hospital). She looked at me and also agreed it was Mastitis. She did a more detailed exam and also checked for irregular lumps (I'm in the clear!) so that's good. She told me to rest, drown myself in liquids (her words not mine) and rest.

We're now on day three of me having Mastitis and there's been a drastic change! I feel more like myself and the only time I'm in pain is if anyone (i.e. the boys) touch the area or when I breastfeed.

I really hope this goes away quickly and that I don't get it again! I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!

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