Liam + Bentley | Two Week Update

Liam + Bentley | Two Week Update

It's been about 10 days since we came home with these two precious little boys. I can't believe they're already TWO weeks old! Where has the time gone? I feel like it was just yesterday that I had them! We've been busy busy bees over here. Most of our day revolves around feeding Liam and Bentley and it usually takes about an hour to feed, change and get them comfy. That only leaves us about an hour MAYBE two to do whatever it is that we need. Most of the time that includes doing dishes, cleaning, or getting something to snack on. A HUGE thank you to anyone who has brought us food, it has been such a big help. Usually we're both way too tired to cook so we have been eating out quite a bit. My husband goes back to work tomorrow and I don't know how I'll survive without him! We just need to set up a routine/schedule and hopefully it will make things easier.

The boys had their 2 week check up today and it went great! Our pediatrician is so impressed with how they are doing.

Liam is now up to 6lbs 3oz. He's gained 8oz from his birth weight!

Bentley is 5lbs 14oz. He's gained 6oz from his birth weight and we're so proud of them!

They haven't quite figured out the day-time versus night-time thing yet, and usually spend most of their day sleeping, eating and getting changed. The nights on the other hand....They're wide awake, fussy and hungry. Now if only we could switch that around haha.

Liam is the needy twin. Always needs to be held or close to his brother. He loves snuggles with mama and daddy and feeding time. He loves car rides and walks in the stroller too.

 Bentley is more independent, although he loves snuggling with mama and daddy too. He also loves to snuggle up against his big brother. Sleeping is one of his favorite things along with car rides and walks.

I sit here and look at them as I type this, and I can't believe I get to be their mama. They're so sweet and such good babies. It blows me away that they're already 2 weeks old. I feel like they've changed so much already.


An update on me and my recovery:

Still sore and having pains but not nearly as bad as before. The bleeding is still there and actually went away for a little bit, but sadly this morning came back. I'm hoping it stops here soon. Breastfeeding has gotten 10,000 times easier and more comfortable. I'm so blessed that I have a milk supply that keeps up with their needs. I've lost 29 pounds already! (Thanks to water loss and breast feeding!) I'm exhausted and sleep deprived, but that's to be expected with twins. It also doesn't help that I'm paranoid and check to make sure they're breathing all the time. Everyone always says sleep when they do, but I can't bring myself to do it! I feel like I need to constantly watch them. Same goes for the car rides. Today is the first day I sat in the front seat with my husband haha. He thinks I'm crazy and I know it's irrational, but I can't help it! I always want to keep an eye on them to make sure they're ok and breathing still! I'm hoping I'll calm down on that soon. I feel gross still, but slowly starting to feel like a real human being again. Hopefully I start to feel like myself again soon! Other than that, I'm just loving being their mama!

I'm also SO excited for their first Easter this Sunday!

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