Independence Day Festivities

Independence Day Festivities

The Fourth of July is one of my absolute favorite holidays! We're a super patriotic family so I always love the excuse to celebrate the good ole' U.S.A. I didn't get a chance to go all out and decorate this year like I normally do, because we brought most of our decorations to Texas. Even so, we had fun in our festive outfits!

This morning was pretty lazy for us. We cleaned, hung out, and watched the National's Game on TV (who won, Go Nats!) We don't have cable, but Wes got lucky today since it was the free game of the day on Apple TV. After the game we showered, got ready and started the day.

With it being so hot here in AZ there isn't much we can do outside unfortunately, but this year we decided to keep it simple and relaxed. In the past we've thrown HUGE B.B.Q.'s with lots of people. This year we kept it simple and just had a couple friends over. In all honestly, I love the occasional big get together but I prefer the more intimate low key ones. The older I get (or maybe the more kids I have ha!) I just have much more fun keeping it simple.

The boys played in the pool out back for a while until it was just WAY too hot to stay outside. Thankfully I was able to lure them in with cold grapes, haha! I cut up some watermelon, because you can't have fourth of July without it, and cut some other fruit for people to snack on while I made stuffed bell peppers which were SO yummy! We all chatted, laughed and ate and it was so much fun.

After our friends left, we just hung out and watched TV. I finished up some Etsy orders, worked on the meal plan (more to come on that!) and cleaned up a little. It was definitely an ice cream for dinner kind of night and then the kids went off to bed.

The boys also brought home some artwork from occupational therapy and it's clear who the family artist is haha! I also love when they send me these collages of the boys in their sessions since I can't go in with them. They had such a blast with these projects!

We had such a great day, definitely one of my favorite Fourth of July's to date! What did y'all do today?

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