Fall Bucketlist: 20 Things To Do This Fall

Fall Bucketlist: 20 Things To Do This Fall

It's the first week of fall! I normally try to get out two posts a week, but this week has been CRAZY busy! So, I decided to put out a fun fall bucket list post for y'all.

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. The leaves start to change vibrant shades of orange and yellow. The air is crisp, and the days get shorter. There's something renewing about this time of year. It forces us to slow down and reflect. With the change in weather, comes a change of heart. We bring out all the sweaters, boots, and cozy throws. Light all the warm candles and bake all the comforting treats.

With this year having been so uncertain, this time of year feels especially important. I challenge you to really soak in what fall has to offer. I designed this fall bucket list to be quarantine friendly, so no matter where you are, you can enjoy this list! (of course following social distancing and whatever ordinances your city has)

So let's dive in!


The List:

  1. go to a pumpkin patch: this is a no brainer and it's on EVERY fall bucket list ever created. for good reason though, there's something so magical about visiting a pumpkin patch and bringing home your unique finds! plus it's the perfect fall photo op!
  2. bake bread: something about the cooler weather, darker days, and changing leaves that makes me want to bake ALL the things. bread is one of those comforting pleasures, plus it makes your home smell simply divine!
  3. wear boots: it's time to pull out those boots that you've been waiting to wear all year!
  4. pack yourself a picnic: grab a sturdy blanket, some cheese, crackers, wine, and whatever else you want, into a basket and go for a picnic! there's no better time, than when the weather is starting to cool off, to enjoy those beautiful changing leaves.
  5. take family photos: with the busyness of summer, we often forget to take family pictures. it's one of the best investments you could make. so carve out some time, find a local photographer, and treat yourself to family photos. you'll never regret having them taken, and they will be a precious keepsake over the years.
  6. learn a new skill: the slowness of the season means we have more time. why not try and learn a new skill? have you always wanted to learn to knit? now's the time! want to remodel your bathroom? learn how to lay tile! whatever your thing is, do it!
  7. decorate your home: with the cooler weather, that means we spend more time inside. your home is meant to be your sanctuary. a place to rest and replenish your soul. so, decorate it and bring that cozy feeling inside. put out some festive pillows, get a cozy throw, light some candles, whatever your style is!
  8. bake a pie: this is the time of year that pies shine. they're a staple of the season. apple, cherry, pecan, pumpkin, the options are endless! they're also delicious, but that's a given!
  9. spend time with family: this one seems obvious, but we often over look it don't we? we get caught up with life, and forget to pour into the people who mean the most to us. so, carve out some intentional time to spend with the ones you love. maybe that looks like changing your daily rhythms to include morning time, or maybe that looks like a family walk after dinner. whatever it looks like for you, I challenge you to spend intentional (screen free) time with your family.
  10. visit a corn maze: this can be such a fun adventure for your family. the best part? it's naturally a social distancing activity. maybe make it a game, split into teams and see who can get out the fastest!
  11. make and light your own candles: candles are my favorite! I love the warm soft glow of the flame, the comforting scents wafting through my home, it's so relaxing and cozy! the only problem is the commercial candles can be bad for your families health. which is why I encourage you to make your own! you can see my blog post here about how to make your own essential oil soy wax candles!
  12. go for a nature walk: I love the sound of crunching leaves under my feet as we walk in nature. seeing the world around us change from shades of green to orange and yellow. the chirping of the birds, deer grazing in a field, and the crisp wind blowing through the trees. it reminds us that change is in the air. it replenishes our souls and gives hope to what's to come.
  13. drink apple cider: this is another one of my favorite things about fall! the warm spice of apple cider is so comforting. if you're lucky enough to live where you can pick your own apples, that would be such a fun adventure! bring your fresh apples home and make your own cider, applesauce or pies!
  14. sit on the front porch and watch the sunset: is there anything more timeless than sitting on the front porch in rocking chairs, watching the sunset with a cozy blanket wrapped around you? take this time to spend with your family and reflect on your day.
  15. visit a farmer's market: if you can find a local farmer's market, I encourage you to support your local farmers! you'll find some of the best produce, local honey and more! use some of what you find to bake a pie!
  16. drink hot cocoa:what's more delicious than a warm cup of chocolate!? throw in some marshmallows and you've got the perfect cozy drink.
  17. simmer potpourri on the stove: this is one of my favorite ways to bring the warm scents of fall into my home. pour some water into a pot and throw in whatever fall favorites you have! keep an eye out soon for my favorite stove top potpourri for fall!
  18. make or buy your favorite fall drink: wether it's your secret family recipe for warm apple cider, or Starbucks' pumpkin spice frap, treat yourself to your favorite fall drink!
  19. cozy up on the couch and watch your favorite movies: this is a no brainer! with your home decorated for the fall season, how could you not cozy up with that throw and watch your favorite fall movies?! Hocus Pocus anyone? take this time to relax!
  20. wear a cozy sweater and socks: this goes right along with the last one. if you've got a cozy home, you have to dress the part too! the cooler weather is the perfect excuse to pull out that chunky cable knit sweater and fuzzy socks.

BONUS: start a gratitude journal. this year it's especially important to think about all the things that you have to be grateful for. buy a journal and everyday write down three things (within the last 24 hours) that you are grateful for.

I hope this list inspired you to find the magic of fall! Click here to grab your free fall bucket list printable!

Don't forget to tag me so I can see the progress you've made! What are some of the things are your bucket list?

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