Ellie Grace | 4 Month Update

Ellie Grace | 4 Month Update

How's it already MARCH?! This year is flying by and the twins are four next week. I'm not okay.

Baby girl is growing at lighting speed now and has so many new tricks! We had another busy month (are you starting to see a theme here haha?) She had her first Valentine's Day which was mostly quiet and at home, minus the hospital trip for Liam's MRI (more on that later).

We also went to Legoland as Cooper's birthday experience and the boys had a lot of fun. Although, it's definitely geared more towards big kids. After our quick trip, we left the boys in California and drove back to Arizona. Ellie and I flew to Texas to get some things done, and to visit my grandma. It was so nice to have that one-on-one bonding time with baby girl, because let's be honest with four kiddos running around, it's not the easiest thing to give them all individual attention all the time. Speaking of traveling, I'm SO proud of her! She was such a great little travel buddy. Since we got her a new carseat she is WAY happier. Happy baby = happy mama.

We're all finally back home together (minus Wes, who comes and goes right now for training).


She still nurses quite frequently, but we're able to go a little longer before she needs to eat again, which has been helpful. She does, what I like to call, power nursing. She nurses for only 5 minutes at a time before pulling off and being done.


She still sleeps fairly well, even during her four month sleep regression has hit. I feel like it's not as bad this go around because she started off as such a great sleeper. I don't really have anything to complain about! She wakes up more often at night now to nurse, but it's not terrible because I just roll over and nurse her back to sleep. Around 5-6am everyday she'll wake up, be WIDE awake and talk to herself. She doesn't fuss, just lays there and talks, and I'll eventually nurse her back to sleep if she doesn't go down herself.


She's hit so many milestones this month! She rolls from tummy to back consistently now, giggles when I do something silly, and loves mama and daddy (although mama seems to be her favorite right now). She's also not a fan of strangers at the moment. Old me would have been annoyed and felt sorry for myself that it's been more work for me lately. But now? I'm really soaking in all the snuggles. I know soon (too soon) she won't need me as much. Is it tiring? Of course. But it's worth it? 1000% YES.

We've also entered the land of teething and she chews on anything she can get her hands on. She loves her hands, but we also like the Ryan and Rose Cutie Pat. They have a TONN of cute colors and binky clips! I'm actually shocked she likes it. She hasn't figured out how to use it as a binky, but chews on it all the time. She also loves her banana (which technically is a toothbrush). She's recently found her feet, and as soon as she realizes it, they'll go straight into her mouth.

I'm constantly amazed at how much she grows and changes. I can't wait to see what this month has to offer!

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