Ellie Grace | 2 Month Update

Ellie Grace | 2 Month Update


I can't believe it's 2020 already and baby girl is 2 months old! This last month was a busy one with Christmas, New Years and all the excitement of the holiday season. In case you haven't realized, Christmas is my favorite holiday. It was so special to share that with our sweet baby girl. We watched ALL the Hallmark movies and snuggled on the couch most nights. It was pretty perfect.

We also got to take her on her first plane ride ever this month. We flew to Texas to see my grandma and get a few things in order with our house. I was an absolute paranoid mess. I'm gonna be real for a minute. Taking a five week old on an airplane (or a few) was terrifying. Not because I was afraid she would scream (she didn't), but because I was afraid she would catch something horrible in the middle of this flu season. Postpartum Anxiety is for the birds. Thankfully, we made it all in one piece there and back.

I've been trying to do more walks with her and the family, and having our Líllé Baby Carrier has been a lifesaver. She is definitely one of those babies that loves to be held. I still use my Solly Wrap from time to time (usually inside), but the Líllé carrier is more heavy duty, which I love for outdoors.

We're only two days into the new year, and Wes and I have already made some MAJOR life decisions. We went down to California and decided to upgrade our RV. New year, new RV? Well we're rolling with it and I can't wait to bring y'all more updates on that! BUT, that trip today was so looooong. Poor baby girl hates...H A T E S her carseat with a burning passion. She screamed practically the whole eight hour trip. If any of you mamas have a remedy for this, I'm all ears.


She still eats ALL the time. I swear if there was a medal for nursing, she would have it. We nurse about 3-4 times a night, and throughout the day she nurses about every 2 hours. I feel like we are on a marathon of cluster feedings right now.


She is a great sleeper! We've discovered that now she LOVES her Graco Slim Spaces Swing, and sleeps in it all the time (with me monitoring her of course). She used to hate it. This thing is great because it's so slim and works perfect for small spaces like our RV. She also goes down pretty easy at night. Right now she has no real routine for bedtime, but she sleeps about 3 hour stretches which is great for this tired mama.


We haven't had her weighed or measured lately, but I would guess she's probably 11lbs or so. She's starting to get the most precious baby rolls AND I'M HERE FOR IT! I seriously love having a chunky baby. She's also started to smile on purpose now, and it's my life's mission to make her smile everyday.

Other fun facts about her include that she won't take a binky. As much as I wish she would, she has absolutely ZERO interest in them. I'm determined to try as many as I need to to find one she likes. (My nipples will thank me later).

Thank's so much for checking in and catching up with our sweetest little addition! Excited to see what this next month will bring! See you next time!

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