Ellie Grace | 10 Month Update

Ellie Grace | 10 Month Update

Happy September y'all! This is my favorite part of the year! I'm ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall! With the changing season, it's had me thinking a lot about how much has changed over the past 10 months. First of all, I can't believe my baby girl is already 10 months old. It has FLOWN by so much faster than the boys it seems. I was telling Wes the other day, what a first year she's had with this pandemic, moving and all the changes we've had. I'm excited to plan her first birthday, although I've been avoiding it because I'm in denial. If I just pretend she's not growing up, she'll stay little forever right?

Alas, she's growing up before my eyes and I can't help but melt into a puddle of joy when I hear her say "bye-bye" or stand on her own for more than a few seconds. She's learned so much in the past month and she just amazes me!


Like a champ! We're still nursing on demand. Although she's getting more "real" food now. We usually cut whatever we are eating up into tiny bits and give that to her. She absolutely LOVES food. She's definitely my child. She's not a fan of eggs though, but loves bread and cheese.


This girl was on a good sleeping schedule, only waking up a few times a night to nurse and then going back to sleep. But, lately...this girl DOES NOT SLEEP. Mama is tired. She's having a hard time staying asleep, she must be teething or growing because this is definitely not her norm. We're just powering through it right now.


She's got four teeth now (we call them her bunny teeth) and we're working on not biting mama while nursing...

She hasn't been weighed in a while, but my guess is she's somewhere in the 18-19 lb range. She's getting more and more sturdy on her feet. She can stand alone for about a minute now!

Also I'm taking any and all suggestions for her first birthday theme (how's it only two months away?!)

Thanks for being here! Can't wait to see what this next month has in store for us!

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