DIY Donut Tutu

DIY Donut Tutu

Donuts are one of my favorite things. How could you not love a sweet little circle of sprinkle-y goodness?! I think it's the perfect timing to put this tutorial out because 1. Ellie's first birthday theme is donuts and 2. it's Halloween THIS Saturday.

This tutu is SUPER easy to make and costs hardly anything at all. Let's get crafty!



  • elastic headband ribbon (you can do whatever color you want but I thought the hot pink was perfect!)
  • 2 light pink tulle spools (amount might differ based on how big you're making the tutu)
  • 2 hot pink tulle spools (amount might differ based on how big you're making the tutu)
  • variety of felt sheets (these will be your sprinkles)
  • needle and thread (optional)
  • cardboard
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun (I'm wanting to try this one because it has good reviews)



Step 1: Lay out all your materials.

Step 2: Measure your kiddos (or your) waist. Cut your elastic ribbon to ½ in longer that the waist measurement.

Step 3: With pretty sides together fold the elastic ribbon and sew the edges together to make a circle. This will be your tutu base.

Step 4: Measure how long you would like your tutu to be from the waist down. double that number, and measure a piece of cardboard to that length. Cut the cardboard, this will be your guide for cutting the tulle (alternatively if you don't have cardboard from a box, you can individually cut the tulle pieces, it just takes much longer to do).

Step 5: Wrap the tulle around the cardboard over and over again. Cut each end of the wrap so you are left with individual pieces.

Step 6: Loop the tulle through one of the elastic ribbon holes to securely attach it. Continue until you've gone all the way around. For this tutu I did two different colors, so change color half way through.

Step 7: Cut sprinkles from your felt pieces.

Step 8: Place them on the tutu the way you would like them to lay. Go around with the hot glue gun and glue them in place. That's it!

This tutu is much simpler than it seems, so don't be intimidated! I'd love to see how yours turn out! Don't forget to tag me on instagram so I can follow along! BONUS: This tutu is perfect for dress up, so your kiddos can continue to use it over and over again!

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