Cooper | 10 Month Update

Cooper | 10 Month Update

Y'all...We are in double digits. I repeat DOUBLE DIGITS. I'm not okay with the fact that he's already going to be a year old in just two months. How has it already been 10 months? I feel like I was just in labor with him, heck I feel like I just found out I was pregnant with him. I say it all the time and I'll say it again, it really just flies by. This past month especially has flown by and I feel like I blinked and he was already 10 months old. Again, this little one turned 10 months while we were on vacation, but I did manage to get a photo when we got home.

He's changed so much in just a short amount of time. He now has three whole teeth! His top front tooth came through and it's adorable. It's still working its way down, so it's currently hidden unless he cheesy smiles at you....or screams. Lately it's been screaming. Speaking of screaming, this poor little guy got sick for the first time EVER. We got lucky for 10 whole months of his life (thank you boobie milk) but alas, he finally got what the twins had. I ended up at the ER with him because he was running a 104 fever and was miserable. No matter what amount of medicine I gave him, it didn't seem to help much. Naturally, I panicked thinking it was RSV. Thankfully it was only Human Rhinovirus (RV), which is much more common and not as complicated as RSV. He did have a chest X-ray that was a little questionable (they thought they could have seen a small pocket that looked like pneumonia) but turned out he was okay! We gave him lots of medicine and lots of cuddles and before we knew it, he was back to his happy little self.

He's getting more and more confident standing on his own AND he even took TWO full steps on his own on Thanksgiving. Of course I missed it, but everyone else saw it! He still has yet to do it for me, but I think he will be walking by the time he is one!

He is a little piggy and eats all the time! Last time he was weighed he was 19lbs 1.5oz and that was about 9.5 months old! It's crazy because the twins didn't even weigh that much at 13 months old! He LOVES blueberries and gets so excited to sit at the big boy table with his brothers. I absolutely love watching them play together, it makes my mama heart so happy.

I can't wait to see what this next month brings us. Especially because he's 11 months old on Christmas Eve! My most favorite time of the year! 'Till next time!

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