Bumpdate | 26 Weeks

Bumpdate | 26 Weeks

How Far Along?:  26 Weeks! I can't believe I only have a couple weeks until I'm in the third trimester...AND only 14 weeks until my due date!

Weight Gain: 16-17 lbs so far, right on track! Hoping to keep it that way!

Gender?: It's a GIRL!

How Big is Baby?: Baby girl is the size of kale! She's now 14 inches long and 1.7 lbs! So close to hitting that 2 lb mark! She's starting to develop her senses and features. She's also working on her immune system by using my antibodies.

Symptoms: This past week has been SO hard. I've been running around like crazy and so stressed out. I started to get a cold sore on Friday morning and it looks SO much better but it's still hanging out. The cold sore situation has made sleeping harder too. I'm tired but can't get comfortable to sleep. I've also started to notice my legs and feet swell a little when I have been standing too long. I've also had some MAJOR pregnancy brain. The pressure and contractions I've been feeling are probably the result of everything listed above. The last couple of days I've also noticed some tinged pink blood (TMI), my midwife says I need to rest and relax and I hope this Texas trip helps with that!

Any Food Cravings?: I'm not really craving anything strongly but I am loving some good bread and cheese!

Sleep: Tired ALL. THE. TIME. I need to sleep all the time. I wish I could sleep on my back!

Stretch Marks?: Just the same old ones from before! I'm carrying so much smaller this pregnancy and can't imagine I'll get any new ones.

Maternity Clothes?: Yes! All day every day! I'm so much more comfortable this pregnancy since I've invested in some comfy maternity clothes.

Wedding Ring On or Off?: On!

What Do You Miss the Most?: Sleeping on my back. I feel like this will forever be my answer for this question. I also miss my energy.

What Are You Most Excited For This Next Week?: I'm so excited to be here in Texas to spend time with my grandma. I love coming to Texas to visit her any chance I can.

Labor Signs?: Nope, just those pesky Braxton Hicks contractions. I need to hydrate more + take it easy.

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