Bumpdate | 5 Weeks

Bumpdate | 5 Weeks

How Far Along?: 5 Weeks!

Weight Gain: 4lbs! How the heck did that happen?! I'm hoping it's just the bloating and water weight...right?

Gender?: Not sure yet but we're hoping it's a girl to somewhat even out this household!

How Big is Baby?: Baby is as big as an apple seed! Our little embryo is measurable this week at 0.13 inches. I can't believe I've already known I was pregnant for 2 weeks. The time is already flying by.

Symptoms: Still feeling really bloated and so tired. I feel like I need to tape my eyelids open. I'm also getting horrible headaches just like I did with the twins. Not to mention the gas pains are unreaaaaaaal. Every now and then I get dizzy spells but I'm thinking it's because 1) my hormones are out of wack and 2) I need to drink more water, like WAY more water. My boobs are just starting to get sore, I forgot what this was like. How the heck am I going to survive this first trimester?! Send help...

Any Food Cravings?: Nothing so far.

Sleep: I can't seem to turn my brain off as tired as I am. Last night I got almost 8 hours of sleep but only because I slept in until 8am haha.

Stretch Marks?: Just the tiny ones from the twins which are pretty much invisible under my extra skin...

Maternity Clothes?: Not yet!

Wedding Ring On or Off?: On.

What Do You Miss the Most?: Not being uncomfortable. This week all the lovely first trimester symptoms seem to be making an appearance. Oh joooooooy.

What Are You Most Excited For This Next Week?: Can't wait for my first ultrasound appointment to make sure little peanut is growing healthy in there!

Labor Signs?: Nope!

Favorite Memory From Last Week?: Wes and I started to think about names...hoping it's just one in there this time.

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