Bug Unit Study

Bug Unit Study

B U G S. I'm not a huge fan....if I'm being honest. But the boys LOVE bugs. Every time they get outside, they're catching crickets, watching spiders spin webs, or making homes for a praying mantis. So, naturally I thought it would be a great unit study for them.
We had so much fun! Learned about different bugs, made a bug hotel, read
stories, played games (bug bingo being the favorite!) and made chocolate worms!


There are a ton of resources and fun crafts you can do with this unit study! Get creative and have fun! Here are a few of the crafts and activities we did, and ones we planned on but didn't get to!

Activity Ideas


painted bug hotel

We read the book Bug Hotel and painted some of our own!

chocolate worms in "dirt"

I bought some chocolate worm molds and let them harden in the freezer. After popping them out, we crushed some thin mints to make dirt. I also melted some more chocolate and drizzled it over the top of the worms to act as mud.

bee soap

These bee soap molds are so inexpensive and I bought my melt and pour soap from one of my favorite companies Wooden Wick Co.

bug popsicle stick puzzle

We didn't get to this one, but you just tape popsicle sticks together and paint your kiddos foot or hand, lay it on there and let them paint a bug. Once it's dry, let the kiddos put their puzzle together!

paper plate spider webs

This is such an easy craft! All you need is paper plates, a hole puncher and some yarn. Just cut out the inside of the paper plate and let the kiddos weave their own web using the yarn!
Have you done a bug unit study? I want to hear about it!
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