Back to School Baskets

Back to School Baskets


This is coming a bit late because...well, life. But better late than never!

If you've been around for any amount of time, you'll know I do these for every holiday or give day. This is actually the first year I've done a back to school one and it was SO much fun. As a homeschooling mama I sorta nerd about about school. I was also that little girl who was SO into going to school. I remember playing teacher in our storage room out back, and couldn't wait to actually go to school myself. And to be honest some of my favorite memories from growing up are from my first elementary school. There was still that wonder and magic of learning that I'll never forget. 

And now as a mother myself, I want to recreate that wonder and spark for learning for my own children. I'll never get tired of seeing their eyes light up as they come out to the living room to discover a basket full of goodies just for them! This basket can be done for traditional school kids or homeschool kids!

I put together a post with most of the items linked, which you can find here. There were a few things that I couldn't add (for example Target's dollar section).


Here's what I included:

  • fun kids band-aids
  • plastic apple container 
  • plastic world container
  • books
  • alphabet + number magnets
  • back to school flags
  • first day at school flags
  • festive flags
  • stickers 
  • activity books
  • planets puzzle
  • clock puzzle
  • united states puzzle
  • erasers 
  • wooden magnets
  • activity magnet boards



Do you make your own baskets for school? I'd love to see yours! You can follow along for more inspiration by following my IG @dakotajcurfman


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