Baby Basics to Labor + Delivery

Baby Basics to Labor + Delivery

Last night was a rough night. I was up every hour almost on the dot! Between the pelvic pain, the period like cramps and the need to pee all the time, I got hardly any sleep. I also had to be up pretty early for a class that I had at 9:00am. My friend Jenn and I signed us and our husbands up for a class called Baby Basics on base. It's not mandatory for us but we figured it would give the new daddy's a little more information about what they were about to experience.

The class started at 9:00am and ended at 3:30pm, talk about a long day! We got an hour and a half for lunch. It was during this class and lunch that I noticed these cramps were getting worse and something just felt off. So once class was out I decided to just give L&D a call to see what they thought. Of course as usual they had me come in. In my mind I was thinking "Oh not again, I'm sure it's nothing! This will be a waste of time."

Since class got out a little early we got to the hospital at around 3:15pm. As usual they took a urine sample, had me fill out a piece of paper, did blood pressure, temperature and pulse. Everything was looking good! Normal blood pressure (116/72), temperature (98.6), and pulse. My pulse was kind of interesting it kept going up and then down for some reason. At this point I still wasn't worried about what was going on. We had been there so many times with this pregnancy it was almost normal.

Then came the time to hook up the monitors. They monitored both the babies and my contractions. We were left alone in the room for quite a while (seemed to be a busy day at L&D) and while we waited for a nurse or doctor we just watched TV. Still both of us were pretty relaxed.

Then came the nurse. He asked me a few more questions about how I was feeling and then looked at the contractions and babies heart rates. He looked at me confused and said "have you been feeling these?" And I said "Yea I think so." Well turns out I was wrong...I was having contractions every 4 to 5 minutes that were lasting 85 seconds long! I had no idea and that scared the you know what out of me! The staff seemed to be a bit worried as well, which did NOT help my mood.

The nurse soon left us alone again to watch TV. And AGAIN we waited a while until someone came back to talk to us. The nurse finally came back and told me the doctor wanted a preterm labor workup done. This made my husband and I even more nervous. They took their samples and sent them to the lab. He also checked me and thank GOD I was still only 25% effaced and hardly dilated.

The OB eventually came back to talk to us and all the tests came back negative which meant we could go home! They monitored the babies and I one more time and then unhooked me.

We were told if they get worse or anything changes that I need to go back because we were getting close to delivery day with these twins. Crossing our fingers that we make it to at least 36 weeks!

My poor hubby told me once we got home that we was afraid I was going to have these babies tonight. NOPE! Not on my watch I'm stubbornly holding these sweet little troublemakers in!

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