1940s Meal Plan: Tuesday

1940s Meal Plan: Tuesday

It's the end of day two and I just have to say I have SO much respect for these 1940's housewives. Because I am beat! Here's how the day went.



Hot Baked Apples (Pg. 521), Sausage Cakes, Popovers (Pg. 116), Milk or Coffee

This was actually a pretty easy breakfast. The popovers took no time at all to make. The baked apples were super simple, they just took a little while to cook. All in all, I think it was a pretty yummy breakfast!



Potato Salad (Pg. 432), Sausages, Apple Sauce, Biscuits (Pg. 119)

I should have looked at the potato salad recipe before hand because it needed to sit in the fridge and marinate for 2 hours. Other than that, the biscuits were pretty straight forward. It was definitely a more simple lunch, but pretty good! The kids liked it too (minus the potato salad) which I call a mom win!



Hamburg Steak with Tomato Sauce (Pg. 245 & 318), Potato Cakes, Creamed Cauliflower, Rolls & Butter (Pg. 108), Cookies (Pg. 486)

I don't know what it is about these dinners, but my goodness I need to start them at like 3:00pm if we want to eat before 8:00pm. I swear it takes me forever to make all the individual components. I didn't have two pounds of beef, so instead I used one pound beef, and one pound ancestral venison and just mixed them for the hamburg steak. Overall this was a pretty yummy dinner. I could have done without the creamed cauliflower, and honestly it felt like a waste of milk.


I've realized two things so far:

1. I need to better plan out these meals if I don't want to spend every minute in the kitchen. It feels like all I've done that last two days is cook and do approximately 1,000 dishes. 

2. There's a whole lot of shortening used in these recipes. Which I normally don't ever buy. I did find an organic one that's better than most, but it makes sense with this being a WWII cook book. Butter was rationed in the United States, and housewives had to find ways to continue making their favorite dishes while saving butter. 

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