1940's Meal Plan: Thursday

1940's Meal Plan: Thursday

Today was day four of this meal plan and I think it went well! I was a bit rushed towards the end of the day because we were out and I didn't have much time between lunch and having to start dinner. Other than that, it went well!



Baked Pears (Pg. 522), French Toast (Pg. 157) & Maple Sirup, Milk or Coffee

For today's breakfast I used the cinnamon sugar sourdough I made earlier in the week. It was REALLY yummy as french toast. 



Mac & Cheese (Pg. 377), Stewed Tomatoes (Pg. 420), Bread, Baked Apple with Tapioca (Pg. 541), Milk or Tea

Today's lunch was really good! The stewed tomatoes went really well with the mac & cheese. The apples and tapioca was...different. As Wes put it, it was apples and snot hahaha! The flavor wasn't bad, but the texture was horrible. I won't be making it again!



Pork Chops with Apples, Scalloped Potatoes (Pg. 406), String Beans, Bread, Indian Pudding (Pg. 547)

Tonight's dinner wasn't particularly hard, but the pudding took the longest. I should've read the directions before hand because it took hours to make. Aside from the pudding taking a while, this was a yummy dinner!

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