1940's Meal Plan: Sunday

1940's Meal Plan: Sunday

Today was the last day of the meal plan! I made it, one whole week! I'm so glad I did it, I learned so much! But I'm also glad it's done because I'm so tired and we have SO MUCH food in the fridge now. On the bright side I won't really have to cook for a few days!



Strawberries & Cream, Cornflakes, Graham Muffins (Pg. 117), Milk or Coffee

This was a pretty easy breakfast. It was good, but I do wish there was more protein in it.



Tunafish Salad (Pg. 443), French Fried Potatoes (Pg. 409), Graham Gems (Pg. 379), Floating Island Custard (Pg. 526)

Today's lunch was a little more complicated than the others. I didn't really care for the floating island custard, but maybe I just didn't do it right. The tunafish salad and the fries were really yummy though!



Pot Roast in Tomato Sauce (Pg. 239 & 318), Potatoes, Buttered Peas, Brown Bread, Fresh Vegetable Salad, Fruit Jelly with Custard Sauce (Pg. 683 & 525)

Dinner wasn't as stressful, because the pot roast was more of a set it and forget it. But, it just came out okay. I definitely prefer mine. I'm also not a huge fan of peas. Overall this wasn't my favorite dinner out of the week.


This week I realized that it was common to use a lot of shortening, eggs and milk during the war. Which makes sense, because butter was rationed. I also noticed that most of the recipes used only a small amount of sugar if any at all. Because sugar was also rationed, but also it wasn't as common to use so much sugar like we do today.  

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