1940's Meal Plan: Friday

1940's Meal Plan: Friday

Today was day five of this meal plan! I can't believe there's only 2 more days left of this weekly plan. Part of me is sad it's coming to and end, and part of me is exhausted and excited to finish! Today was a lot smoother, and it's definitely because I timed things right, but also because a lot of the things were quick to make or I made them earlier in the week.



Bacon, Eggs, Toast & Marmalade, Milk or Coffee

This was another easy breakfast that we have often (minus the marmalade because Wes isn't a fan). I don't love marmalade but I don't hate it either, I do prefer a good jam though! Overall it was a good breakfast! 



Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce (Pg. 318), Waldorf Salad (Pg. 438), Brown Bread Sandwiches, Milk or Tea

Today's lunch was pretty simple to throw together because I already had the tomato sauce made from earlier in the week.



Broiled Chicken (Pg. 278), Riced Potatoes (Pg. 405), Corn Fritters (Pg. 342), Rolls (Pg. 108), Tomato Jelly Salad (Pg. 434), Apple Pie with Cheese (Pg. 597 & 592)

Dinner wasn't as stressful today because I made the apple pie during the day, and had rolls made from earlier this week. The corn fritters were simple to make and yummy! The only thing I didn't make was the tomato jelly salad because I realized I didn't have all the ingredients or the mold.

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