Welcome to the Neighborhood

Welcome to the Neighborhood

After what seems like months we finally got new neighbors this past week! I was so excited to welcome the new neighbors that I had the idea of putting together a welcome basket for them. I thought it would be nice to give them a little something.

Here is what I put in my basket:

. Myer's Dish Soap

. Myer's Hand Soap

. Myer's Multi-surface Cleaner

. Tongs

. 2 Waters

. Donut Holes

. Paper Plates

. Travel Sized First Aid Kit

. Paper Straws

. American Flag

. Kitchen Towel

. Welcome to the Neighborhood Paper

If you want to use the PDF I made, feel free to save this image and print it out! I think this is such a cute idea.

You can also use the one I used in the picture here:
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